Thursday, November 10, 2011


It was just over three years ago when I first began this project.

At the time, I was participating in a book challenge, reading one book from the 1,001 Books to Read Before You Die list every month. Breakfast at Tiffany's was my book of choice in August 2008.

Capote wrote with efficiency, every word carefully selected to express and serve a purpose in describing the charm and character of this woman whom I was growing to love.

And yet she completely shocked me. She describes herself as "top banana in the shock department." And she was.

I knew nothing about the book or the movie at the time, my only influence being the many media images of Audrey Hepburn I'd seen since childhood. Images of her wearing that simple black dress with her chignon, pearls, and tiara...sometimes smoking, sometimes with a cat on her shoulder. My impression of Holly was...

Elegant. Iconic. Audrey Hepburn.

I was surprised to learn that Holly was a high-society call girl. She sought men out for their money and she performed services in the powder room! Holly's roots weren't glamorous at all. In fact, she was a poor, orphaned country girl from Tulip, TX, just one of hundreds of girls who head to the big city trying to make it for themselves.

Not anything what I expected. And yet, I was charmed by her wit, her carefree approach to life, her love of freedom, and her independence. Published in 1957, the story presaged the free approach to love and sex in the '60s.

Holiday Golightly, Traveling is what the calling card taped to her mailbox reads. The perfect name for a woman who treats life as a holiday and treads through it lightly.

I was charmed. And her elegance reminded me a bit of my mother, whom I had just lost to leukemia a few months prior in March 2008...and her favorite color to wear, because it matched her eyes...was Grammy Aqua or what you might refer to as Tiffany blue.

After my mom died, I couldn't get enough of that color. I was attracted to it no matter what I did. I chose books from the library with aqua covers, I bought iced tea with aqua labels, I bought aqua underwear and kleenex in aqua boxes. And my obsession bled right into my needlework habit.

In fact, I was beginning to amass quite the collection of aqua-colored fabrics, ribbons, beads and threads. Items that would be perfect for use in a needlework picture inspired by my love for the book in a color that reminded me of Mom.

I put the project away for two years and resurrected it this past Spring when I finally took the time to acquaint myself with the entire phenomenon that was Breakfast at Tiffany's...the book, the movie, the Tiffany & Co. store, the "little black dress"...everything...while sewing into my work, some threads from my own life.

Early on, I had traveled to NYC and taken the picture of the store name that eventually was stitched onto my work...using new skills I had learned in this class...

The Scene

I chose to illustrate the classic, opening scene from the movie where Audrey Hepburn gets out of a cab in formal evening attire, in the morning (!), with a cup of coffee and a paper gaze into the beauty and peace of a place where she believes nothing bad can ever happen.

A trip to Tiffany's was Holly Golightly's drug-of-choice in combatting the "mean reds", an anxiety worse than fear. And that notion struck me.

The idea that beauty can comfort. Beauty can soothe. Beauty can heal.

And isn't that what creating and gazing at beautiful needlework does for me? Needlework is my own's my own Tiffany's.

So I set about to stitch something beautiful for beauty's sake alone. Something that would make me feel good just by looking at it.

The Chandelier

When my Mom was young and newly married, she had had an Aunt who had left her some money when she passed away. With her unexpected windfall, my Mom decided to purchase a piece of beautiful furniture, a china closet that stands in her home to this day. It was the first impractical piece of furniture my mother bought...a china closet...a place to house beautiful things.

That unexpected gift meant a lot to my mother. So when she passed away, she left each one of her children some money. The story about her Aunt and the china closet was written in a letter to each of us. I was touched by this thoughtful legacy from my mother, and just like her, I bought something equally impractical. But beautiful.

Something for my home. Something I would never buy for myself but I would love to have. Something that would remind me of my mother's love of beauty every time I turned it on. A light. A chandelier.

That's when I put the block away in 2008.

The Lace Flowers

This past Spring when I pulled it out, we were in the throws of Royal Wedding fervor and I was enamored of another young, stylish woman, Kate Middleton. It was the wedding dress that Sarah Burton designed, and more specifically the lace that the Royal School of Needlework had applied to that dress, that led me to incorporate the lace technique into my Breakfast at Tiffany's piece.

More beauty.

All the while, I was continuing to study my subject. It was time to finally watch the movie.

I was appalled. They made it a love story! There was no love story in the book at all. In fact, the guy upstairs in Capote's story is gay. And though he loves Audrey, the love is strictly platonic.

So the idea of them getting together??

Yuck. That was SO not the Holly Golightly in Capote's novella...Holly was a traveler, she never got used to anything and if she did she "might as well be dead".

Needless to say, I admired the movie as a stand alone but could not reconcile it with the book. The book was soo much better.

Which caused me to question: Why would Truman Capote ever agree to that screenplay?

Which led me to read the book Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the Dawn of the Modern Woman. A great read. It turns out that Capote had sold his novel to Paramount and didn't have any right to review the screenplay. When the movie came out, Capote was pretty vocal in his disdain for turning Breakfast at Tiffany's into a romantic comedy. Evidently, to Paramount Pictures, Holly was a little TOO modern and the only way they saw to reconcile Holly's life as a call girl was to partner her with a man. I really did hate that part.

But sleuthing out the real story behind the movie was fascinating, and led me to uncover the relationship between fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn. A relationship which led to the advent of the "little black dress". A transformational symbol to the young women of the day...a sign that fashion could be accessible to every woman not just the wealthy or movie stars. You could be an every-day Audrey Hepburn...and still be fashionable.

The Jewels

Because she is staring into the window at Tiffany's, I had always wanted to stitch seam treaments inspired by real jewels from Tiffany's collection. In reading Bejewelled by Tiffany 1837-1987, I found the company history was another true American success story...and was thrilled to find that Tiffany & Co. dazzled the world with their showcases of diamonds and gems in the world expositions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Tiffany had a long history of dazzling its customers.

I even went so far as to imagine using real jewels but I just didn't have any diamonds lying around.

Luckily, my friend Sheila did. And even though I hadn't voiced that desire aloud, Sheila heard my wish and sent me Mr. Miller's stick pin.

And it was that piece of jewelry that inspired the butterfly and became its thorax...

I really have been traveling.

Discovering unexplored territories, uncovering new secrets and finding delight in all the details that went into researching and stitching this piece.

I have enjoyed every minute of it and I will miss Holly Golightly greatly.

Thank you all for traveling with me.

Though I may not have had the time to respond to all of your comments, I read each and every one. You were the added joy to the journey.

So now it's time to move on.

It's time to frame my piece and hang it on the wall...

And look at it on those days when I have a bad case of the "mean reds".

And...I think it's time to blow the two-years-worth of dust off that box in my garage and hang my mother's chandelier.

I've traveled long enough.

P.S. This next picture is for Maureen. She asked for a picture showing the scale of the piece. The finished block is 8"x8". Here it is next to a beer bottle (I think the red neck side of Holly would approve...) and sitting on top of a curio cabinet. Hope that helps Maureen...

P.P.S. If you're just visiting for the first time, you can read all the posts regarding the creation of this piece here.

P.P.P.S. Tomorrow's my anniversary and Jim's taking off from work. I'll see you all on Monday ;)


crafty diane said...

Your piece is absolutely stunning! You do fantastic work! It really inspires me. I Mama's favorite color was red and she loved Cardinals. After her death in 2005 I started gravatating to all things red and to Cardinals. I even have a window cling Cardinal that I found one Christmas on the small side window of my car. Loosing one's Mama is the worst thing that can happen to a person. I still think about and miss my Mama every single day.

Happy Anniversary tomorrow! I hope you and your husband have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan, I was guided by an online friend to your Blog and just visited it the first time 2 weeks ago, to see your lovely butterfly come to life and some tidbits of the surrounding "background". Now I stand in awe and see the entire work, and believe me, I understand which tremendous amount of painstaking stitching goes into it. Let alone the "idea" behind it. I so appreciate your telling the story which led to your design - and I just ordered the book by Capote to read it in my cosy armchair soon. Thank you for making me happy with your lovely embroidery and thank you too for reminding me that I loved to stitch and embroider myself long time ago. I will pick up my needle soonest...
kind regards from Germany,
fondly -- Martina Rosenberg

Vicki W said...

Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Shawkl said...

What a great trip you have had! Thanks so very much for allowing us to come along with you! As always, you work is an inspiration...all the more because it is so personal too. There is so MUCH in this piece, that I'm really surprised at it's size. It just seemed so much bigger than life almost! What a craftswomen you are! Now, I'm even more impressed by you and your talent!

JoWynn Johns said...

Happy anniversary,Susan. Thank you so much for the trip on which you've taken us. Thank you so much for the beauty of your work--both visual and verbal. Thank you.

Lisa Boni said...

When you first started this piece way back when, I couldn't quite see where it was headed or how it would match up to the other amazing work you've done. I'm humbled to say that I just didn't get it, though I loved the colors! But with each post, this block grew into something spectacular! Each detail is more gorgeous than the one before!

I so admire the way you research everything you do and how you take what you've learned and use it with such grace in your pieces. Truly inspiring!

And to read all the back story of how this block intertwines with your mother ~ it tugs at the heart and creates such a full picture of the block and it's why's and wherefores!

As always, your photos and writing are exceptional ~ crowning glories to a spectacular work!

Blessings and peace!
Lisa B

P.S. - I love your signature on it ~ something I need to learn to do as well!

Lisa Boni said...

Wishing you and Jim a Happy Anniversary and sending you good wishes for many more happy and blessed years together!

Jane said...

Hope you both have a wonderful Anniversary, hope Jim whisks you off somewhere exotic!
Love the finished piece, congratulations on another wonderful piece.

Julie said...

Thank you for documenting the journey. Your piece means so much more with the back-story. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Susan, c'est tellement beau...
Joyeux Anniversaire, et encore bravo!
Michela (Switzerland)

Mouse said...

absolutely stunning and I know i've said this before ..lo but what shocked me was the actual size of the piece .. for some reason I had got it into my little mouse brain it was bigger than it is ??? the attention to detail is fantastic as well as the write up you gave with it ... get that box out and hang that chandelier girl it is time it is out ... :) have a great anniversary too :) take care and can't wait to see your next adventure :) love mouse xxxx

Judy S. said...

Kudos, Susan! And thanks for the recap. You have created a beautiful piece; I hope you hang it somewhere speciall. Have a fabulous anniversary celebration!

Sew Many Quilts said...

Beautiful story, beautiful work. It is really a gorgeous work of art. I have enjoyed watching it's progress. It might just inspire me to try something like it in my own way.

Wendy said...

Absolutely stunningly gorgeous! Your work is so beautiful and full of detail...I cannot tell you how much inspiration I have gained from following your journey with this block as well as great joy in seeing it come to sorry for the loss of your mother and am glad that you have dusted off the chandelier and will be putting it up..what a great legacy that she left you with as we all need to buy something frivolous at least once in our lifetime...Happy anniversary to you and your husband may you have many more years of togetherness peppered with much joy and happiness....

Unknown said...

I love the meaning, the story, and every single little tiny detail you packed in to this gorgeous block. It is amazing. I hope you manage to hang the chandelier soon.. what beautiful treasure that must be.
Have a very Happy Anniversay and enjoy a wonderful day together!

Createology said...

Susan dear your handstitched piece is beyond the most lovely work of art I have ever seen. I do hope that when you have it framed you will include this "traveling" history on the back side for provenance. How delightful to have been able to enjoy this journey with you. Thank you. Happy Anniversary and make some memories. Please post a photo of the chandelier when you have it hanging and lit up. Breathless seeing this finished work!

Jennifer Vance said...

Beauty does comfort!I figured that out after wondering why I like to look at pretty dresses and fabrics online when I'm upset.

Miriam said...

First of all...Happy Anniversary!!!

Thank you for taking us along on your Tiffany journey and sharing your joy of stitching with us.
What can be better than the creation of a piece simply for the sake of the beauty of it?
Indeed, balm for the soul.
The depth of your research and the personal story attached this needlework make it even more impressive.
Congratulations Susan!!

Ati said...

Congratulations Susan with finishing this beauty!
You have made a marvelous piece of needlework. Full of memories off all kind. But most of all, working on this piece you have healed yourself for the loss of your mother.
I remember the teacup sailing on a stream....
Thank you also for sharing all the thoughts and background information with us.
You are an extraordinary woman!
Wishing you and DH a wonderful weekend!

katiemedarlin said...

Oh my! I follow your blog and never miss a post. Your work is truly stunning and the attention to detail is amazing. Somehow, I thought this piece was much bigger, which of course, only makes it more amazing.

It's time to hang your chandelier. I lost my mother in 1999 and she left me her carnival glass collection. I let it sit in the box for a while, but it now resides in a place of honor in my home. A place where the sun can catch and reflect the wonderful colors. And every rainbow I see on my walls reminds me of the joy my mother got from those pieces of colored glass.

I hope you have a lovely anniversary with your dear husband. Do something special to mark the day.

Thank you again for all your inspiration.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Dear Susan. You have had a long journey since the healing process began. I met you when you stitched your mom's house. I think you have mended pretty well, and will now be able to look at the chandelier with a loving eye.
xx, Carol

I really HATE to see a movie after I have read the book. I learned that back when I read The Shining and then Red Dragon and vowed never to do it again. I can only imagine how they will masacre the Girl With The Dragon Tatoos!

You have perfected to many little detail in this piece, right down to the space between Holly's arm and body. I am amazed how much detail you have packed into such a small piece.

I especially loved how you spoke about looking at beautiful things soothes you. It struck me that it is exactly how I feel when I watch the birds at my feeders.

Much love to you. You are so special.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I usually don't read the comments until after I comment...Happy Anniversary!!

Claudine said...

Quel beau cheminement pour créer ce tableau ! Merci de nous l'avoir raconter. Bisous et très bon anniversaire.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely exquisite, Susan, one of the most beautiful pieces of work I have ever seen.

Enjoy your anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the finish! I've been reading/following this project for the last couple months, and I'm in awe of your talent and creativity. Didn't realize how much of yourself you've been putting into it, though. Now I'm thoroughly in awe. And, I didn't realize how "small" the complete piece is...I was envisioning around 18" x 20", minimum...WOW! Anyway, it's totally beautiful.
Now, go hang that chandelier....

Lynn in southern NJ

Maureen said...

I think the scale of it is as amazing as the beautiful stitching! I love it!!!!

Carol said...

Thank you. I so enjoy reading your blog. This post has me in tears.

Happy Anniversary!

biddie1031 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your travels with your readers. Because of Jane at Chilly Hollow I discovered your blog - just as you were beginning to embroider "Tiffany" - and I was hooked! Since then, I've stopped by from time to time to admire your handiwork and enjoy your stories. And, because I tend to get stuck in my chair with needle and thread, it's been great to read about your athletic exploits - an important reminder to make time for both!

Congratulations on this magnificent piece. What a journey! After you've rested on your laurels (and enjoyed the finished piece), can't wait to see where you'll take your readers next!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous piece. Loved the story about it. Happy anniversary. Jane in MO

Teresa said...

I absolutely loved that you took us on the journey of your finished piece. It is just amazing, so beautiful. Can't believe the size, I pictured it much bigger. This really brings all the details even more amazing.
Love the story of passing down money to buy something special.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
PS- Happy Anniversary, enjoy the day.

Marjolein said...

You made an amazing travel. I am grateful to have travelled with you, and learned so much.
I really thought it was much bigger, there is so much to see on this piece.
Congratulations, on to the next project??

LisaBelle said...

I love that your art always has a beautiful, thoughtful story behind it. As much as I appreciate the beautiful work that you do, I also appreciate your curious mind that seeks to give meaning.

coral-seas said...

Well, thank you for taking us on such a beautiful journey. You have been a very informative guide, telling us not only the salient facts but also the little asides that have made the experience that much richer.

"Beauty for beauty's sake" well everything you do could fit into that category except that you fill everything with so much mean, so much thought and understand, that they become stories, legends. I’ve retold many of your ‘stories’ to friends.

We have travelled some way together now but I never tire of the journey and when we come to the end of one excursion I feel a tingle of excitement wondering where you will lead me next.

Happy Anniversary to you and Jim. I hope you have splendid weekend filled with beauty for beauty’s sake, fun for fun’s sake and, most of all, love for love’s sake.

Evelyn and Lise said...

I have been following this beautiful piece from the beginning. Every picture took my breath away and now that its finished I am at awe at the results. Wow. It's incredible. Happy Anniversary. Thanks you for sharing with your many fans. Lise

Margaret said...

After seeing "Breakfast...." as a girl with my Mom, Audrey Hepburn was a favorite actress and Moon River rang out from my piano for years. I didn't get the full meaning as a young girl (I was clueless), but loved her joie de vivre, that LBD and the scenes in front of Tiffany.

looking at beautiful things sets up a strumming in our very souls!

Your block is beautiful, Susan.

You crossed in style, with a lovely tribute to your Mom as your floating craft.

Suztats said...

Susan, such a wonderful journey you have traveled, one of beauty, knowledge and style. I have so enjoyed watching this piece come together, bit by bit, and the story as it was stitched. Holly would have loved it! I know I do! A wonderful design, executed brilliantly.
I hope you have a wonderful anniversary, and may your chandelier sparkle!

Linda H said...

Susan, your block is exquisite! It was so wonderful to be able to follow it's progress,and now to know the "story" behind it, makes it even more special. You are so generous to share with us your works in progress, thoughts, challenges, and "background stories". This piece is so very beautiful, and special to you - I know it will bring you much pleasure. Thank you for sharing it with us.
I hope you and Jim have had a very special day together. Happy Anniversary!

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful journey! Loved reading this post and getting a little more insight. I just love how your pour your heart into your projects!!

Cari said...

Susan...I am wordless and in awe of your amazing work. It's been a wonderful learning journey for me. Thank you so much for sharing YOU.

Anonymous said...

I have been following this creation with great interest, because the work is just stunning. Combine your amazing work with the touching story of your mother, and the information about the book and movie, both of which I haven't seen/read, and I was captivated. Great work!

Sandi said...

Firstly, I was shocked at how small it is. It is so larger that life, I expected it to be quite large.

Next, OMG! This should be in a museum somewhere. I have been following your progress and have been amazed each step of the way.

Lastly, You are Wow!. I don't know how to express the talent I see you have.

This just takes my breath away.

flyingbeader said...

Susan, I've watched you construct this piece from the very beginning of your journey & love everything about it. I too was shocked the the movie & book were so different, but look at the time it was made...didn't want women to be so free & bohemian, did they? Love this so much. I think you need to send this out to a magazine with the story to be published.

allie aller said...

Perfectly realized....
Thank you for including us...
And please show us the chandelier when you hang it!
Love You....

Padparadscha said...

Oh the piece is stunning and the story behind it so moving. You did a wonderful tribute to modern woman !

Yes, Susan, it is time you take the impractical chandelier out (I always wanted one myself) :o)

Happy anniversary to you both.


Cathy said...

Thank you for including us on this beautiful ride. Your story and explanation add even more beauty to the whole. Please share the chandelier with us when you hang it. And have a wonderful anniversary weekend! Love and hugs, Cathy

Faith said...

WOW! So beautiful! Yes! Get out that chandelier, because looking at that will also help with the mean reds and be imbued with love from your Mom, too. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Faith said...

I forgot... Thank you for pointing out that the book is different from the movie. I saw the movie and have put off reading the book because romances aren't my favorite reading. Now I look forward to reading it. It does sound sooo much better.

Marsha said...

Thank you for the story about this wondrous piece of art. I've loved reading about it as you sewed along. It's hard to describe the joy I've had watching it progress. I will miss seeing it. (maybe because blue is my favorite color)

Happy Anniversary!

Can't wait to see what's next.

Barbara C said...

Congratulations on finishing this fabulous piece. I so appreciate that you share your process and the personal journey that informs your work. Your mom is smiling on you from heaven.

Dees said...

almost sad this journey has come to an end... really stunning piece!
And happy anniversary.

Lynette said...

What a splendid post! Being an avid crazy quilter from way back, I have loved following the progress on this little bit of luscious beauty. I'm so glad you went to the time and effort to share it with us. And today, adding the back story was the absolute icing on the cake of getting to see it completed. I love the part your mother played in this. It's so special when we can keep them part of our lives in great tributes like this. I love what you've created. Both my daughters love Tiffany's and the movie. I had no idea about the book, but then, in my experience, the movies are never as good as the book. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking, exquisite but over all, in incredibly intelligent piece of pure art. Reading through this has made my day. Thank you. :o)

Francesca said...

Amazing, extraordinary, exceptional, I lack the words to describe your project and your personal journey behind it. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

Ingrid Mida said...

Dear Susan,
What a journey you've been on. Bravo!! Thank you for sharing this glorious adventure with us. I don't think I can begin to properly say how how much I admire your work and the story behind it. It is indeed time to dust off that chandelier. Every time you look at it, the love of your mom will sparkle and glimmer in your heart.

MaryAnn said...

Your needlework is gorgeous! A while back I read a book ,AMONG THE PORCUPINES by Carol Matthau (Walter's wife). She was a long time friend of Truman Capote and he told her he based Holly Golightly on her. Very juicy book about the rich and famous. She had been married to William Sayoran two times. If you haven't read it, it would add another layer to your research for your piece.

mary said...

This is amazing! Just gorgeous.
Grammy aqua/Tiffany blue is one of my favorite colors. So soothing. How could anything bad ever happen when surrounded by that color?
I always think of Breakfast at Tiffany's (book) and Breakfast at Tiffany's (movie) as completely different stories. Which they are. I like them both, but for very different reasons.
Now, since I've never visited before, I'm off to read more of your lovely blog.

Coni said...

OK. I have to ask.

Is it NORMAL for a grown a$$ woman to weep uncontrollably while reading a blog post?

Oh Holey Schmoley, but I loved every single solitary moment of this piece, and I haven't one clue as to what I'm going to do with myself now that it is complete.

THANK YOU for taking us on this journey with you.

Your life, your art, your stories, and your soulfullness are a real blessing, and I hope you let the praise in these comments wash over you like most certainly deserve it!

Pinque Scrapbooking said...

This is amazing! I'm in love with this beautiful hand crafted piece of work! I pinned this on Pinterest and shared with my Facebook and Twitter fans. I love it! I only wish I was this talented with needle and thread!

Wendy said...

It's absolutely, incredibly, stunningly beautiful. I've really enjoyed watching this come together and seeing the finished article is just a delight. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Wendy said...

Oh Susan!
Oh my Goodness!
SO Exquisite!
SO Decadent!
SO Wonderfully Magnificent!
SO Delightful!

I can NOT imagine how much *time* and patience and Love you have put into this!

I wish you could reach in and feel my heart... This is just so...
so Splendiferous that i can't seem to find the right words!
I looked at this post last night and even showed my husband. He said, "Some people have so much talent."
Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Susan! It's absolutely gorgeous!

It should be in a magazine.
AND in a museum!


JoAnn said...

This should be in a museum!! I was in ahhhhh. Stunning needle work. A five carrot diamond could not be more dazzling! Thank you for sharing.

Wendy said...

p.s. Hope you & hubby had a wonderful Anniversary celebration.
And may you have many more.

Daphne said...

Absolutely stunning Susan!!! A beautiful piece with a beautiful story!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful journey with us! I just discovered your blog when you were mid-way through the project, but watching it take shape and literally blossom (albeit in lace!) has been so inspiring to watch! And reading about the meaning behind the design today, and your Mother's legacy, has only served to render your work more beautiful in my eyes. Congratulations on your lovely finish, and Happy Belated Anniversary :)

Balwearie said...

Beeeeeeautiful, gorgeous, stunning, fabulous, love it love it love it! I think this is one of the most amazing works I've seen in a long time and like any great piece, it has quite a story. It's been fun to "travel" through this with you.

Enjoy your anniversary!

PatSloan said...

Over the top amazing. I love your story and your journey, thank you for sharing!

Mandy said...

Hi Susan, Your work is amazing. I just had to share with my readers your amazing piece of art! You can see the feature at I hope you don't land will never be the same :-).
I'm a new follower.

Martha's Favorites said...

Susan: Your piece is breathe taking! Thank you for sharing your journey! Blessings, Martha

JaneT said...

I am speechless! This piece is absolutely unbelievably beautiful! What an artist you are. WOW

Nalan Ünal said...

Beautiful story, beautiful work. I'm your newer follower from Turkey.

Mary said...

Such magnificent, beautiful work! I've never seen anything like it. I wish I had the patience, but crosstitching is about as long as I can stay with something. I love beads and baubles anyway and, even if an old piece is totally useless and still has some rhinestones and beads that are usable, I pick them out and save them and they have come in handy. Thank you for sharing this!

Unknown said...

It is beautiful! Потрясающе!

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