Bead Journals

Between 2008-09, I participated in the Bead Journal Project founded by Robin Atkins.  It was through this project that I learned I had a story to tell and that I could use my needle to document my life and my experiences.  Without Robin and her Bead Journal Project, I'm not sure I would have ever realized this about myself.   For that I am eternally grateful.

I completed 11 bead journals because 11 is a very special number in my life.  Here are their pictures and links to the original posts that tell their stories and show more detailed photos...

Number 11:  My Symphony

Read the original blog post here.

Number 10:  Abundance

Read the original blog post here.

Number 9:  A Daughter's Valentine

Read the original blog post here.

Number  8:  The Pursuit of Happiness

Read the original blog post here.

Number 7:  The Elixir of Life

Read the original post here.

Number 6:  Flight Delay

Read the original post here.

Number 5:  My Other Great Love

Read the original post here.

Number 4:  Radiance

Read the original post here.

Number 3:  If Worries Were Wishes

Read the original post here.

Number 2:  Spirit

Read the original post here.

Number 1:  Returning Home

Read the original post here.


Lilli said...

Thank you soooo much for your super idea - special sites of your blog topics!!!

Kelly Clark said...

Dear Susan-
Your work stuns and amazes and inspires me! I thank God for gifted, talented Artisans like you. Truly, looking at all 11 bead journals in a row like this
is absolute heaven! What size are they? They appear to be 4"sq? In my spare time, I would LOVE to do this project! LOL. I am so far behind on my committed projects, why not add more?!
Anyway, Thank you, thank you for sharing your gift with us!!!!!!
Many warm wishes,
Kelly Clark

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Just found your bead journals while looking for the needle labels. Your bead work is amazing! You are such a gifted lady. BTW, where can I find the labels~lol?

Annette said...

oh my goodness I keep finding treasures on here. You are indeeda talented and gifted lady. I have to figure out how to do these, just started CQ in Juneish of 2012. Now the beads are just up my alley, lots of bling. Girl again you are awesome.xoxox

linnyt said...

I have had such a wonderful time perusing your blog. You are truly a gifted stitcher, but to combine this with your superb writing....such a joy. Just excellent. Thank you.

Annette said...

OMG just found these on your blog, they are wonderful. OK Now I have to get in gear and do something sorta kinda like these maybe. I love beads, on my CQ they look blah until I add 100 pounds of beads on them. Love love these. xoxoxo

Amy Taylor said...

Whenever I want to feel bright and cheery, I head for your blog. The beauty you create with your creative talent is inspiring.

Laura Torrenzano said...

wow. you are amazing. I am going to sign up for your eclass ASAP. Can you email me the list of supplies?

Love what you do!

Sew Crazy For You said...

Your bead work is stupendous!!! So you plan the project on paper first? I love all of them...thanks for sharing..
BJ Sandusky

Connie said...

Wow, wow, wow! Love your work! Did I say "Wow"!?

Shirley Steans said...

Iam in awe of your work ,so inspiring, I just see a maze of one,s thoughts being woven in the fabric of craft.
please keep doing it.I will try and create a web of beads and needle work of some kind myself. thankyou
for sharing .

Unknown said...

Oh Susan,
You continue to amaze me. You are such a talented lady and a blessing that inspires me. Thank you.
Kathy M.B.

Idalina M.J DaSilva said...

Dear Susan your work is amazingly beautiful.... are they tapestries? canvas?

Dane said...

Je visite votre blog, c'est magnifique, j'adore !
Vous êtes très douée. Bravo
Bonne fin de journée said...

je suis fascinée!
c'est somptueux...

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