Thursday, July 6, 2006

100 Details -- Days 11, 12 and 13

Well, I've returned from a beautiful vacation to the beach where I swam in the ocean with my four nieces and my son most of every day. In between swimming, crabbing and holding a baby, I did have some time to stitch. So today, I have for you details for Days 11, 12 and 13. I really enjoyed that little oyster stitch on Day 11! It's the little pink "bud" in my picture.

I am very behind on my blog reading so I'm eager to see all of the eye candy of my compadres who are stitching along on this 100 days.

Here's Day 12.
I used a Madeira rayon thread for the straight stitches and you can see how the rayon thread "spread" to fill in the whole area. A very different look from Sharon's sample.

Here's Day 13. This one was just fun, fun, fun. Off to unpack and do laundry (and, maybe stitch a bit if I'm lucky...)


Debra Dixon said...

Until you girls came along, I never thought to bead inside of a lace motif (how obvious!) so now I have to scurry around and find something to use on my piece. Pretty piece! Do you have a full picture to show how the piece looks?

Susan Elliott said...

Ahh, Debra. That's how we grow so scurry away and find something, quick before the next detail comes along! I don't have a full picture of the piece yet...tee hee hee...

Debra Dixon said...

I rustled up some trims and tomorrow I will play with painting or dyeing them. I'll post. In the meantime, I have my first block done (as far as I will go until the other blocks join in) & as you say, it is very Happy!

Brenda L. Minor said...

I'm just visiting tonight. Everything is sooo lovely. But this one is my favorite and I'd like to try it out myself. I'm still a newbie at this, so it'll be a real challenge!

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