Friday, July 7, 2006

I'm caught up!

Here are four updates for Sharon Boggon's 100 Details in 100 Days where I am trying to stitch the seam treatments each day as Sharon posts them on her blog. The primary piece I am stitching on is a 12" block entitled "Tea Therapy". All of the stitches you have seen so far have been on that block. The first exception comes today with the button cluster on Day 17. My "Tea" block isn't ready for a button cluster yet, so I'm giving you the button cluster that I stitched on my "Rose" block for Sharon's Joggles Class. (I'm so glad to hear she's teaching again in September because that was a FABULOUS class!)

This is a picture of a mini-button cluster on a "fan" vest I am working on...

Day 16. I have to say that I was grateful for this simple seam treatment. It allowed me to catch up a bit.
Day 15: This stitch is actually the overlapping fly stitch that Sharon showed us. Funny, this one looks like a string of loops...
And, last but not least, Day 15. I have to agree with Allison Aller that this treatment is a favorite. Beautiful ribbon sculpted on top of the fabric, it's lovely in its end result and it's fun to do. I imagine there will be many more beads on this ribbon trail but for right now it needs to stay "empty" until I get my other seams done. I also wanted to thank Annie Whitsed for the details she's posting on her site. I created the bows along my path using her instructions.


Debra Dixon said...

You really are teasing us with these little snippets, aren't you? I am sooo curious to see the full piece but I can wait!

Just super lovely work. Maybe I will do something delicate for the next project. . .nah! doubt it!

Can you give me a general gist of what Sharon covers in her class? My initial thought is that I will know plenty by September, but you never know.

Susan Elliott said...

We learned so many things about textile design in color choices, thread choices, controlling movement of the eye around a block, texture...the list goes on. I really enjoyed the color theory, design concepts and I had many "ah-ha" moments. Each lesson was chock full of examples and seam embellishment ideas in the context of creating an overall coordinated, eye-pleasing crazy quilt composition. You will NOT be disappointed. Also, if you haven't taken a Joggles class, learning from everyone elses work is also a big benefit. I enjoyed that part as much as Sharon's class. Here is a link to the discussion on Flickr where everyone posted what they learned. It's just a great endorsement for a great class!

Susan Elliott said...

Here's that link again since it didn't come through
What we learned from Sharon's class

Debra Dixon said...

OK, I'll look at the link and see what I can ponder for the next few days! By September I may be in the class taking mode. Thanks for the info. I don't like to commit to something without some information.

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