Friday, June 30, 2006

Not All Seams are Stars

Not all seams are stars today.

Day 9 of Sharon Boggon's 100 Details for 100 Days was a seam treatment that I really felt I would only use in an "under the sea" type of theme. Well, I challenged myself to think differently and this seam treatment became part of tall grass through which you might find three girls having afternoon tea. Can you imagine it? I didn't want this seam to stand out since I want the focus to be on the three girls; hence, this seam is not a "star".

Day 10's treatment isn't a star either. But this definitely wasn't on purpose...My wheels are WONKY and the seam just didn't flow forth. Some days are like that. I rarely rip out things so this guy stays as testament to my journey...but it's my least favorite one so far. Not Sharon's fault at all, hers in beautiful. Mine is purely operator error.

I'll be offline for a few days. It's July 4th/Independence Day here in the United States. We have lots of fun family events planned which will keep me from the computer. I'll still be trying to follow along with my stitching but I won't be able to post anything in my blog until next Thursday. See you then!


sharonb said...

Just a tip on wonky wheels - which I don't actually think are too wonky - If you have more spokes in your wheels they are easier to control and you can get a nicer curve

Susan said...

Thanks, Sharon. I'm going to have to do these again. I also had problems with height and width of stitches. Thanks for the tip of more stitches. I'll try that next.

Lelia said...

Hi Susan: I've been enjoying your blog & watching you try out all the interesting seams from SharonB & Pam K's blogs.

YOur Japanese Embroidery is interesting, too. I took a class by S.Pendray & admit I have not finished the piece

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