Friday, June 23, 2006

Day 3 -- 100 Details in 100 Days

Here are seam treatments for 100 Details in 100 Days. When I first viewed the french knot flower clusters, they looked a lot like grapes. The block I am working on has a theme of "tea" so I wasn't quite sure if this seam treatment would work. I decided to border my central block which meant I wanted the "grapes"/flowers to go a different direction than the buttonhole indicated. So, once again, I switched it around a bit. The other seam treatment is true to Sharon's original. This is a great way to jumpstart my enthusiasm for an unfinished project. I apologize for the photo quality, it was too late for natural sunlight and I had to use a flash...


allie aller said...

Oh, I like the white grapes...they could almost be wisteria, too...fits the block nicely!

Debra Dixon said...

Allison beat me to the comment but they could be Wisteria especially with your girl sitting under them like a canopy.

All of your blocks are just lovely!

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