Thursday, June 22, 2006

100 Details in 100 Days

The incredible Sharon Boggon has done it again! She will be posting 100 seam treatments for crazy quilting in 100 days! Then, as if that wasn't enough, the fabulous Allison Aller had the idea of stitching each seam treatment and following along for the next 100 days. Well, combine both of those brilliant ideas and I have become one energized, happy camper. I must not be the only motivated egg, since now a whole group of stitchers have joined the party.

For Day 1, I honestly set out to just do exactly as Sharon did but I think I deviated with the very first stitch. I have also decided to make a notebook and include Sharon's pics, my pics and pics of the other folks who are participating. At the end, I'll have my own stitch diary.

Here's a picture of Day 1:

And here's Day 2...and,again, I didn't want to deviate but forgot to point my stitches in the right direction so they came out as "bows". Still nice, but not my original intent...

On another note, I took my second "art quilt" class yesterday and we did fusing and free motion quilting. Here's a pic of the project we completed. It was my first free motion quilting experience and I enjoyed the learning and the company.


Allison said...

You have definitely got "the touch" with your stitching...really elegant. That Japanese work you've been doing sure is evident.

Gerry Krueger said...

I'm staealing that flower seam right now... 2006??? Gerry

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