Sunday, June 25, 2006

Days 4 & 5 -- 100 Details in 100 Days

When I stitched this seam treatment, my ribbon was wider and my laced thread was thinner so I had much more space in the middle than Sharon's treatment. Therefore, I had to add more beads to cover my herringbone stitches.

Here is detail of Day 5's posies. I extended the stems of the flowers a bit from Sharon's original *smile* but was pleased with the overall grouping -- kind of a stretch to call it a seam covering, I know...

Oh boy, when I saw that Sharon had picked bullions I started to sweat. Though I've been stitching since I was 9, I only tried bullions once with little to no success. Here's my attempt. I didn't have a velvet ribbon in my piece but I did have a velvet piece of fabric. I did like how the bullions sit on top of the velvet. So many other stitches sink into the nap of the velvet but these didn't.

Well, they're not all that beautiful, but I'm determined to stick with some interpretation of Sharon's 100 details. I am, at least, not so afraid of bullions anymore...


Allison said...

Hey, Susan, your #4 looks great!

I balked at the bullions, too...but it was good practice, and I feel like I got somewhere by the end. Yours look just fine..

But Detail number 6!!! I actually allowed an oath to escape my lips when I first saw that one! Then I muttered to myself, "Very funny, Sharon..."
It is slowwwwww going....but a good challenge! Should be a piece of cake for you with all your Japanese experience. Good luck!

Susan said...

Very funny indeed, Sharon!! I had the same reaction to this one! Like, phew, when will I find time to work that one in! But, like you, I buckled down to tackle it. It's good for us right?

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