Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Need Fabric?

I just received a call from my Jan at Delectable Mountain Cloth who is trying to save one of her most treasured suppliers whose business has been devastated from the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy.

Read Jan's appeal below:

Attention, my wonderful customers - We have just learned that our most important and valued supplier of cloth has been severely affected by Hurricane Sandy. Their business has been interrupted to the point that, unless they receive an advance for their next purchase, they might not be able to survive. If they don't survive, we don't survive.

We need to raise some serious cash and fast and the way we do that is by having a sale. Deep discounts on all cloth in the store. Feel free to spread the word because we need to act quickly.If you buy some fabric, then we can buy some fabric, then they can buy some fabric. Come and take advantage of huge discounts throughout the store!

I count Jan's store on my own list of National Treasures as a textile artist.  If you can order some fabric from her, please do.  Here's a link to their website and another to her Facebook page. She loves mail orders!  Phone number is (802) 257-4456. 

I've written about Delectable Mountain before here and here.  Thank you everyone!


Annette said...

Now that is some awesome looking fabric. I want that. Hugs and love your blog and did go and Like her facebook page. so sad about Sandy and all the sorry she brought with her. xo

Sonja said...

Hi Susan

Will check out the store straight away. Thank you for passing on the message.
Have a great day.

Catherine said...

Best of luck to them! Those fabrics are beautiful!

Jillayne said...

Done. I ordered from them after your recent post about the store and was so delighted with my parcel - ordering more is a delightful way to try and help out!

margaret said...

that store from the picture looks a most amazing place to visit, I do so hope all will go well and orders will create more orders.

Maureen Flaherty said...

Having been to this store I can say it is just fabulous. I called today and if you don't need anything right now you can get a gift certificate and get fabric later. It can be a gift to yourself or have someone else give it to you. It is a great way to help and they (both Jan and the people in NY are soooooooo appreciative). If this source of 'delectable' fabric is lost - where do we go?

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