Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coming up for air...

This is a picture of a leatherback sea turtle that my family helped rescue almost 10 years ago. He had gotten his flipper entangled in a crab pot and was tiring from having to drag the pot to the surface every time he needed to breathe.

Today, I feel a lot like this sea turtle coming up for air.

I finished the mailing for the Adventure yesterday and I was really happy with it. I'll show you the entire piece in a few days after the adventurers have a chance to receive them. I don't want to spoil their surprise !!

But here's a sneak peek just for showing up today...

Now...Back to the coming-up-for-air thing...

Ever since we went to Florida for Thanksgiving, my beautiful life has kept me busy with one event right after the next. And it was all good. The only bummer for me is that I haven't had time to blog as much as I would like.

And since I use my blog as a visual journal, I get kind of sad when I get so overbusy that I don't have time to take pics and reflect and read and write posts. And there were so many times I wished I had written about something but there was no down time to do it...

This got me thinking again about Time. I've written once before about Time when I was working on my Alice in Wonderland piece. And today, I re-visited all of those ideas and came to some self-realizations.

And I found myself wanting to go to a quiet corner of my very messy house and...bead...



Yes, it's true. I didn't do the bead journal project last year and I missed it.

And I signed up for 2011 but hadn't even given January a thought.

Until this morning.

I don't have anything to show you yet.

Just an idea.

And...A Title: Out of Sync (subject to change, of course, once the beading begins...but most likely it will be about Time and not about pink elephants or party hats...I'm saving those for a later one.)

In case you're interested in the whole story about our saving the endangered leatherback turtle with the assistance of the Marine Animal Rescue Team at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, I give you Exhibit A for your reading pleasure...

It's a poster I made for Jack to share at his day care for Animal Show and Tell Day (click to enlarge).

He was only four at the time...he's fourteen now.

See you next time.


MosaicMagpie said...

Bead Journal......I don't have a clue....unless it is a journal with entries beaded. I will have to wait and ponder this until I hear from you again.
So unfair to tax my brain this way!

Momma Bear said...

what a wonderful adventure!
I'm so glad to find someone else who rescues random critters.

Carol said...

Oh Susan, I have missed you so much, but then, I know how busy you are. After the retreat, you will be less busy, but busy none the less.

I am feeling like a taxi lately, but that will pass too. I'm glad you are taking some quiet need to recharge!!
xx, Carol

Judy S. said...

Saw that Bead Journal logo on your sidebar and figured that you'd succumbed. Can't wait to follow your progress once again. Don't you wonder where that turtle is now? Or do you know? Did you get a lot of snow? Thought the radio said your part of the world was under a blizzard watch.....We have a touch of the white stuff just the other day; today it's in the fifties! And raining, of course.

Elmsley Rose said...

Hi - welcome back - I've missed you and your wonderful posts. Glad to hear life has been busy and hopefully rewarding.

That's just wonderful about the turtle rescue. I've rescued cats, but nothing so exotic!

Allison Ann Aller said...

I'm sure your mailing is every bit as beautiful a work of art as everything else you make, Susan.
Your executive skills will be well in evidence, too.

We are so very lucky your are working with Reen to make this event so extra special!

vicki said...

This is totally a wonderful story -I am absolutely a turtle lover. We have sea turtles on our beach in Florida where our condo is - our area is the largest site for sea turtle nesting on the East coast - I love those turtles! Bless your boy for saving one!

I always, always look forward to your beautiful beading - whatever you create - it will be fabulous I am sure!


Patty C. said...

Awesome save !!
The year is young - You have plenty of time to catch :)
Relax !!

coral-seas said...

I love the story about the turtle rescue, bravo! I see why you choose the title 'Coming up for air ...' but I'm belighted that you are snatching breaths between diving in the waves rather than weighed down by life :-)

Time! I went to review your earlier post. I remembered it well and my head filled with thoughts, probably the same thoughts I had first time I read it. So, I looked to see what I had commented and was surprised to see that I had not left a comment. Why, when I have so many thoughts about time? Perhaps I thought there was too much to say in a comment! Perhaps I thought I would blog my thoughts but didn't find time to do it! I will try to find time to do that this time :-)

Anonymous said...

It will be wonderful to follow your bead journal progress this year, it was such a treat whenever you posted your previous ones - you know how I love to gaze at your work.

Cool turtle save - to think he is happily swimming around the ocean thanks to your family. That's a happy thought.

I hope your feelings of coming up for air diminish as the days progress - I think it's too easy to start the year full of many ideas which quickly become overwhelming - I know I need to settle down for sure - time to stop, take a deep breath and do that relax thing!

Rachel said...

I think we've all had the coming up fo air feeling - so glad you are coming to the surface again!

So we'll be following the Bead Journal with fascination...

Ingrid Mida said...

I too feel the pressure of time. It seems like it is running faster this year...Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I once went snorkeling and saw a beautiful turtle like that. It gave me a new appreciation for the majesty of nature. So glad that you saved one.

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