Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jean Jackets X 3

Yesterday, I mentioned that we had my brother's family for our Christmas gift exchange. He has three daughters -- twins in 3rd grade and the oldest in 6th grade.

I decided to embellish jean jackets for all three of them.

One of the twins has expressed her love for a jean jacket I own that is embellished with rhinestones...

so I knew that she would love a jacket that had rhinestones. So I decided to make her a jean jacket and, being afraid to make one thing for one and not for the other two, I ended up making three jean jackets...but only one had rhinestones.

The other two girls are not the rhinestone type...

These took me a little longer to embellish than I expected. One jacket was lime green/light blue,

the second was turquoise with rhinestones

and the third was pink.

The first jacket had velvet buttons, the second jacket had rhinestone buttons and the third was all-different colored buttons. I think I ended up liking the pink one the best.

Unfortunately, I have no great picture of the girls wearing them. With ten children, there was a little too much mayhem for me to remember to take good pictures. I was lucky to get husband Jim was smart enough to pick up the camera and take a few shots while I was passing out the presents.

After making three of them, I came up with a fairly straight-forward recipe for embellishing the jean jacket. I even remembered to take step-by-step photos in case it lends itself to a tutorial. I have to figure out how to make it into a .pdf file though and I won't have time for that until all of my beautiful company is gone...


Judy S. said...

Wow, Susan, you must have been a busy elf! The jeans jacket idea is a fabulous one I'd love to try in the future, so I'll be waiting for that tutorial.....what kind of sewing machine do you have? And did you find a good source for the jackets? It looks like you made 3 little girls very happy.

black bear cabin said...

what lovely gifts, and what beautiful little girls! i think i like the pink one best too...the colorful buttons add the perfect touch!
Looks like it was a wonderful holiday!

Simona said...

the jackets are lovely and I expecially like the one in pink but as you aren't here in Italy to make one for myself I am waiting for your tutorial as soon as!!!!

Lindsay Jean said...

What a great idea! The three of them turned out beautifully, but the pink is my favorite too.

Carol said...

Well, there is one accomplishment that you can add to your list. Your neices will ALWAYS remember the wonderful gifts that you have created for them over the years. What a wonderful legacy.

Happy New Year

Lil said...

tute? I would love to see a tute! Your jackets are WONDERFULLY beautiful!!!

FredaB said...

I too am waiting now for the tute. I have a 13 year old grandaughter who would probably enjoy one of these. By the way we stood nose to nose and she is now the same height as Grandma - approx. 5' 7". Where has time gone. She is probably going to be taller yet. Her father is 6' 3" so go figure.

Looks like a great family Christmas you had. We did also.



Wanda said...

What great jackets for such beautiful little girls! I had a flash of envy...what I wouldn't have done for a jacket like that when I was that age! Wonderful idea!

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