Friday, September 26, 2008

My Beads Runneth Over...and My Time Runneth Out

I feel like I'm coming down the home stretch with this project. Most of the major decisions have been made and I've settled into a comfortable pace.

And, even though it's a dim day for taking pictures, I just can't feel very dim inside when I'm working with such shiny, happy materials.

This morning, I was delighted to find a beautiful example of bead journaling by freebird. I love the different patterns and colors she's taken from her Grandma O'Keefe's wedding ring quilt.

I have admired her work before but I'm particularly fond of the story behind this piece. You can read about it here.

Unfortunately, I must immediately interrupt this project (underscore of screeching brakes...) to make this important announcement.

I'm afraid that the delightful conversation I've been having with my beaded house has put me behind on a commitment I've made to another.

Ahh, it's a tangled love affair. Too many loves, too little time.

Today I will be leaving the world of beads (*sob) and turning my attention to the world of Japanese textiles and vintage kimono fabrics.

Photo courtesy of melaniegrayaugustin

You see, by tomorrow morning, I need to make a purse to be raffled off to raise money for the Japanese Embroidery Center in Atlanta. Not only do I have to make the purse, but it should be SO DESIRABLE that women will forget the economic threat of another Great Depression, open up their pocketbooks and buy as many raffle tickets as it takes to make sure they don't leave the house without THAT purse. They will just die if they don't get it.

Oh boy, the pressure. I better go find something fabulous and come up with something quick.

Here are some pics of the purse I raffled last year...

It raised $250.

Oh....the pressure.


Timaree said...

Your beading is lovely but so is your sewing. Taking a break to make the purse just gives you time to relish the thought of going back to beading again! Last year's purse is very pretty. I'll bet this year's will be too.

How much do the raffle tickets go for? With people having seen your nice last year's piece, they may be lining up to buy tickets for this years.

Thanks for posting about my May page. I get a few moments of notoriety eh?

allie aller said...

You are so talented that I am sure you will make a wonderful purse today!!!

Pigtown*Design said...

You KILL me! Never in a million years could I do any of that! I am SO impressed!

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