Friday, September 19, 2008

Bead Journal Project -- September Progress

September is the kickoff month for Robin Atkin's Bead Journal Project. This is my first attempt at a beaded journal piece and I am learning many lessons along the way.

I sketched my plan of what I wanted to create and was ready to go.

I wasn't sure what to use for the backing. I was eager to get beading so I went to one of Robin's books, read about my options and found the one product I had in my stash....Timtex. Well folks, Timtex is pretty stiff, I use it as interfacing when I want to make a purse super-stiff. What did I know?

Well, two sore fingertips later, I now KNOW. Timtex for beading, never again! And, as if the cosmos was communicating my pain, just yesterday Robin published this post...recommending acid-free interleaving paper....ahhhhhh.....that just sounds refreshing to my poor sore digits. Here's a progress pic.

Luckily for me, I don't have to bead in the dark for too much longer. The Constellation Chapter of the Embroiderer's Guild here in Maryland is having Robin Atkins here to teach us bead embroidery the first weekend in October. She will also be giving a lecture on the worldwide Bead Journal Project 2007 which is rumored to have so much eye candy that we're recommending the attendees wear a bib to the lecture (you know, to catch the drool).

When I signed up, I knew that I wouldn't know what I was doing at the outset of the BJP, but I figured I could get through September on my own...

Let's just say, Robin can't get here soon enough!


verobirdie said...

Poor you! I understand the pain in your fingers: I've tries hand embroidery on timtex once. Never again! :-)

coral-seas said...

Ohhhh! I am green with envy that you get to do a beading class with Rbin. I followed (watched) the BJP last year and there was some sensational work done. I was very tempted to have a go this year, but knew that would over load me.

I may not get to do a class with Robin anytime soon, but I have found somewho who teaches Japanese Bead Embroidery in the UK and have signed up for a class in November, hoorah!

Enjoy your class and I look forward to seeing your journal pages.

sammy said...

I total agree with you... Timtex is NOT for beading! Really hurts my hand... I stick mostly to beading on wool felt... needle slides thru like warm buttern and unlike regular felt it doesn't pile on you... I love your house... I hope to have mine done this weekend for the 2008 bpj

Mary Corbet said...

Aaack. I can sympathize with your fingers! I've done the same thing. Beading needles, being super fine, are the worst, too, when you're developing holes in your fingers. They just sliiiip in. Ouch!

I think your little house looks terrific. I like the variety of beads and gems and those big white (mother of pearl?) petals on the flower next to the door.

Debra said...

I took Robin's class in Houston and while it is a great class, the one thing it taught me is that I don't want to bead full-time. I can only do so many handwork projects.

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