Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Fearless and the Needle

Once again, I'm not stitching these days since we've only three weeks left to Summer and there's adventuring to be done!

Yesterday, we went sailing on the high seas of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.

We sailed on board The Fearless, a pirate ship loaded with treasure and fearsome pirates...

fearless unless they encounter snakes!

The squibs learned to speak proper "pirate", do the pirate limbo, tie knots, eat lemons to prevent scurvy, and all kinds of other important pirate training.

While the pirates were merrymaking, the ship was suddenly under siege by a marauding pirate looking to steal the ship's treasure.

The fearless pirates lived up to the ship's name and defended the treasure with water cannons.

There were no needleworkers on board other than myself.

Even though I didn't have a needle, my mind was still preoccupied with pirates and the costume of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. All three movies are a staple in my house right after the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Star Wars.

So, I ran this picture of Jack through the Color Palette generator.

Appropriately, the only color that was generated to coordinate with Jack was black! Avast ye maties, how appropriate.

I'm thinking of making a pirate block pieced all in black inspired by Jack's costume, which never won an Academy Award by the way...

Can't you see the dirty red/white ticking he uses for a sash, those great old buckles, the beads, the leather, and even those dreadlocks of his...looks like a crazy quilt of a block to me. And, I think crazy Jack Sparrow would approve.


Debra said...

I definitely approve of Jack Sparrow! Hubba, hubba!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Johnny Depp can do anything!
You know he modeled his approach to the character after Keith Richards, right? ;-)
Truly a great costume...and a fun day!

Pigtown-Design said...

I saw that pirate ship in the harbour the other day. I didn't know about it before. It looked everyone was having tons of fun!

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