Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy as a Bee

Photo courtesy of Sure2talk

Today I've got a list a mile long and we're flitting from place to place...

Jack is trying his best to be helpful...

Free transfer from Beetastic's Vintage Finds

I sure wish someone would bake us one of these for an afternoon break...

But here's a good thing to remember from my collection of 70's motto samplers...

Speaking of bees, here's a great book to read if you haven't already. Here's it's opening sentence : "The bees came the summer of 1964, the summer I turned fourteen."

And here's the trailer for the new Secret Life of Bees movie which is coming out in October starring Jennifer Hudson...It looks just my speed...it's a shame we have to wait until the Fall to see it.


Debra Dixon said...

An excellent book!

One of the samplers in the group that I am doing for my current CQ is going to use the bee quote from your sidebar. My former husband was/is a beekeeper so we always had lots of bee stuff around (which I left him in the settlement). They are fascinating little critters until they sting you.

TOTALLY loved Life of Pi!!!

allie aller said...

I haven't been able to check in on the blogs until this morning..and yours is such a treat, each post a fun story with such wonderful pictures!!!

We love the bees, too...always we welcome them. But around this time of summer when all the white clover is blooming in the grass, we have to remember to wear flip flops...which last night I forgot about...til some poor little bee reminded me with his life, stinging me right between my toes!
Robert ran to the comfrey patch and immediately I wadded some crushed comfrey leaf between my toes after I pulled the stinger out.
Amazing how much that helped. This morning my foot is itchy and swollen....but it is what I get for forgetting those flip flops. I'm still so sorry for the bee!

Gerry Krueger said...

The bee popped up in the archival photos and I had to have it for a button....Did you take that photo? AND I DID THAT SAMPLER YEARS AND YEARS AGO... IT IS NOW ABOUT 8 FEET FROM WHERE I'M SITTING.... Hugs...Ger

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