Monday, July 17, 2006

Details 23 and 24

I've been away for a few days but I'm still trying to keep up with Sharon's 100 Details for 100 Days. This pic shows a combination of Day 23 which were french knots and Day 24 which was a wisteria using the cast-on stitch. I did not have space for both treatments so I combined them, added a few pearls, and I'm pleased with the effect.

I like how the pearls "hide" under the cast-on stitch. This was my first time using the cast-on stitch and I've fallen in love. My first ones were kind of rocky but I caught on after awhile, figuring out how many wraps would work given my thread weight, etc.

I wanted more leaves on my treatment and I had no wisteria leaves in my memory bank. So I went to Flickr and found these as my inspiration.

As for why I've been away, I have two major reasons. First, I had Japanese embroidery class over the weekend. Here's a wip pic of my current Phase VIII embroidery called Queen of Flowers. I usually refer to it as "The Peony".

Second reason for being away, my girlfriends and I are planning a 40th birthday party for one of my favorite people. So I've been playing on Photoshop to make the "artwork" for her invitation.

We're planning to polka dot her lawn and play games on all the dots (connect the dots, musical dots, giant twister, etc.) This idea was also courtesy of this Flickr photo.


Anonymous said...

I love the textures you have created in your stitching using Days 23 and 24. It reached out and grabbed me. :-)

Debra Spincic said...

I dig those long leaves! I haven't gotten back to stitching from my long weekend away but hope to tomorrow. The polka dot party sounds fun!

Allison said...

Complete Super Yum on those wisteria!! (That is the top compliment in my household.) I like how the leaves blend in with their background fabric just a bit....And the blooms are just luscious...the pearls in there are a great addition, too.
You did a spectacular rendition here.

Turning 40 should be a blast with one's girlfriends. You all will have such a great time...

barbara ac said...

I do like the leaves done with detached chain. What is the stich down the middle, is it, appropriately, stem stitch, or just taking the thread down for the next chain?

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