Monday, June 5, 2006

Magic Yarn Ball!

My niece is graduating from high school this week. I taught her to knit about four years ago and we have spent many hours knitting projects together, going to Sheep and Wool Festival, and visiting knitting stores. She founded a knitting club at her high school. When I saw the idea for a magic yarn ball at whip up, I knew it was the perfect idea for her! I took the idea one step further and designed a scarf for her. I used black as a base and tied "rainbow" colored fancy yarns every seven yards of black. She will cast on 16 stitches, start knitting and will find her treasures as she knits a crazy, black/multi-colored, striped scarf! I included a Got Yarn t-shirt in the center, stitch markers, chibi needles, a rhinestone pin, flowers, ribbons, yarn notecards, charms and, of course, lots of money for graduation. I tied the very end of the yarn around the base of the rose and stuck that into the ball so she'll know where to start. I loved making this project and my head is swimming with ideas for theme-based magic balls for other friends.


Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

I was so intrigued with the Flickr pic I followed over to your blog. I'm so intrigued by your blog I'm subscribing so I can keep up with your beautiful and exciting needlework.

Unknown said...

VERY cute idea. Bet your niece will love it. And congratulations to her. I love to see these young kids picking up on the needle arts. That's a subject very dear to my heart.

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