Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Completed Embroidery

Today I completed "Karahana", a goldwork embroidery for Phase V of Japanese Embroidery. For information about Japanese Embroidery you can go to the Japanese Embroidery Center. Each one of the Japanese embroidery pieces is a tremendous amount of work so it is always a special day when you can say that you've finished one. We are required to complete 10 phases of instruction before we "graduate". In many ways, it mirrors the learning format used in karate where you have to complete one belt before advancing to the next level. My husband (who has his second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do) always teases me and says I'm working on my black belt in embroidery. If I continue to progress as planned, I will graduate Phase X in October of 2007.

1 comment:

allie aller said...

You are not kidding, this is indeed "Black Belt" embroidery! Really lovely, a superb accomplishment.
Thanks for commenting on my blog...it led me here to yours, and it is a treat to read!

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