Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 6 -- 100 Details in 100 Days

Phew! This day was tough because it took about three hours or so to stitch this little tea cup. If we have too many days like this, I think I'll have to fall behind.

Even so, I really enjoyed doing the embroidery and vowed that I would try to add more embroidered motifs to my work. If so, I will have to embroider the motifs first since I have to work with a hoop.

Most of the time I work without a hoop. I tried using one when I took Sharon's Joggle's class but it didn't work for me. Usually, I pin my work to a sewing "ham" and create tension by pulling the fabric toward me with my left hand as I stitch.

This motif started out as a rubber stamp image that I stamped directly onto the fabric using Lumiere paints and heat setting with an iron. The transfer turned out very well and pieced it into my block as I would any other. I would not recommend stamping onto an already pieced block unless you're willing to creatively cover any errors. It took me a few stamps to get this one right. I decided to embroider only the center cup so it draws the eye but doesn't overpower the image. I'd like to add some steam coming from the top of the cup but need to wait for the seam covering that it will cross. Very fun, indeed.

Now, back to Japanese embroidery...


Robin said...

I'm new to your blog... got here indirectly through Allison, who posted a link to In a Minute Ago, who linked to the 100 day photos on Flickr. I'm so happy to have discovered these two resources and your blog today!

I'm very smitten with your work! What a great idea to embroider only the center tea cup... it's the layers - fabric, stamped paint, embroidery - that give such richness to it.

Thanks for blogging. I'll be back!

Allison said...

I love how you've incorporated Sharon's detail idea into your own needs...and it just looks smashing.

Robin is right, it is a rich image. The steam will be a terrific finishing touch.

Susan said...

you've completely made my day! I honestly didn't think anyone reads what I write so i've just been ploughing forward as if someone does. Robin, it's funny that you found me through Allison. I found you that way as well...and I've been lurking, enjoying all of your beautiful beading. I am learning so much from you both. You're so very cool in my book.

Lelia said...

YOur tea cup is so cute : )

Debra Spincic said...

Isn't the internet cool? Allie suggested I take Robin's beading class last fall at the Houston Quilt show so I know both gals; although I have not met Aliie in person. I can't say I have done much beading ala Robin but I did learn some techniques I am and can use now.

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