Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inspiration on Exhibit at Winterthur

The With Cunning Needle Exhibit at Winterthur is scheduled to show through January 8, 2012.

I shared my impressions of the touchstone of the exhibit, The Plimoth Jacket, in this post yesterday. Today, I'd like to share just a few images from the rest of the exhibit:

Detail from a crewelwork side curtain, 1750-1800, Winterthur Collection

Detail of Tambour work petticoat, France, 1700-17-50, Winterthur Collection

Detail of silk/gold/silver apron, 1730-40, Winterthur collection

Detail of silk/gold/silver apron, 1730-40, Winterthur collection

Detail of silk/gold/silver apron, 1730-40, Winterthur collection

Silk and metal stomacher, 1720-30, England, Winterthur Collection

Silkwork picture, about 1754, by Margaret Rourke, Philadelphia, PA. Winterthur collection

Winterthur has made the the Gallery Guide to this exhibit available online in .pdf format here.

To learn more about Winterthur's Textiles and Needlework Collection, follow this link.

There's also an interesting video tour of some of the highlights of an earlier exhibition of American needlework titled Who's Your Daddy? here.

And if you ever travel to the Eastern United States, you'll want to put Winterthur on your "must see" list. It's a wonderful museum with beautiful gardens, great shops and yummy food...and my favorite part...the library. I'll tell you more about the library later.

Happy day everyone.



superb :)

Anonymous said...

I'm consumed with envy!

Alex and Cassandra said...

These are AMAZING!!! Thanks for the inspiration :)


Carol said...

I was surprised to see the flowers in the first floral pic with horizontal stitches, rather than vertical, if that is how you would describe them. I kept clicking to see the close up, poor me ~lol~

Just amazing work.
xx, Carol

Wendy said...

Just gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you have a great day....

Claudine brodeuse de perles said...

C'est très beau. Dommage que ce soit si loin. Bisous et bonne soirée

FlowerLady said...

Wow, what beautiful pieces that fill my mind and heart with inspiration.


MosaicMagpie said...

Imagine the work that went into a drapery panel! I am always amazed at the fact there were so few convienences, so much time was devoted to needlework. In this day of instant this and that, so few feel they have time for needlework.

Lois Moon said...

Such beautiful colors and needlework.

shirley said...

It just amazes me that such beautiful work came from an era with such poor lighting...and I agree with Mosaic Magpie's comment too

The work the ladies did is just stunning.

Elmsley Rose said...

Thankyou SO much for the photographs.....first time I've seen vermicilli work used, and actually liked it! I adore the motif that's with it.

Hélène H said...

I wish I had a petticoat like that...

Ati. said...

Thank you for the photos. It is amazing!

Phillipa said...

Oh to wear clothes like that.
Truly stunning.

Phillipa said...

Hi Susan
I tried to back-link your post to my blog but it wont do it.Dont know if its me or blogger.Anyway it will show on my blog tommorrow.
Thanks heaps for sharing such inspirational photos.
Regards Phillipa

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