Friday, September 9, 2011

Maison Lesage on National Public Radio (NPR)

Thanks to a heads-up from BNF Judy Shaw, I just listened to Susan Stamberg's story entitled, At Maison Lesage: Beauty Embroidered by Hand, that aired on NPR radio this morning.

You can read/listen to the broadcast and see pictures from the story at NPR's website here..

It is SO great to see embroidery making mainstream news in the 21st century!

Have a great weekend everyone!

[pssst... BNF = Blogging Needle Friend]


Elizabeth said...

What a great story !! thanks for the tip!!! Was thinking of you all day as soon as i heard that the river had overflowed. I love Ellicott City and know that the river runs right down thru town!! Knew you were high and Dry but Still---So Sad, Things will dry out eventually if the darn rain would just stop. After last night one has to wonder!!!! Have a dry weekend!!!

Judy S. said...

You sure did that quickly! It was DH that caught the story originally as he records them and played it for me(which made me think of you); thanks for posting the link with the photos!

Sheila said...

Thanks for letting us know. I'll try to catch it, too.

I watched the movie "Brodeuse" this summer on Netflix Instant Play. I guess it's known as "Sequins" here in the states. If you YouTube search Brodeuse, you can see a clip of the amazing cinematography of the young girl doing some tambour work. It's pretty cool. Have you seen it before? I'm thinking you might have... I can't remember exactly, but I believe the older woman is working on some work for Lesage in the storyline...

I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding. The weather has just been one big smackdown after another, hasn't it? Everyone will have to reach deep to bounce back.

It's great to see you back online!

Take care!

Elmsley Rose said...

Thanks so much for the link. :-) :-)

a2susan said...

I hope you are safe from the flooding. It's very scary to watch how powerful the water is.

I see that you just read The Cellist of Sarejevo - did you like it? I thought it was a great book.


Anonymous said...

I think embroidery has always been important within the couture world, but mainstream - no, that's new!

wanda art. said...

Hi Susan,
It's collections are beautiful, I love this style of decorating, I love beautiful things about the colors of the different cultures of the world, something that is unusual and unique, with fantasy, historical, I also mix in different cultures.
I am of the opinion that it is well with everyone else is, because then there is no monotony of our lives, each creates what he loves, well, I think it is very hard work by artists, this is art, which will never be forgotten, thanks to you Suzan , for all this, and I know that in you lies the great talent of the great artistic skill can see it on your work, and fun, and your work should never be forgotten, and stored for another generation at the Museum, I wish you great successes, and always creating it what you love,
best regards:)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, I am sorry to tell you that Fran├žois Lesage died earlier today.

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