Monday, June 27, 2011

More on Kate's Lace

Just bopping in to share this video sent to me by Veronique of Au Fil du Jardin...

It showcases the dentelliere which made the lace for the skirt of Kate's wedding dress and takes us through the lace lifecycle...from production through design and embroidery in the haute couture industry of Paris.

It's in French and it's 13 minutes (plus two commercials *ugh)...but I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought you might too...

Thanks Veronique!


Gina said...

I wish it was in English or subtitled. I was just told a few days ago that the lace was actually made on a machine like this. Disappointing really, as I looked at all the lacemakers around me, but given the time frame, I guess that's what works best.

verobirdie said...

Here come the subtitles (short version)
The machine are quite old, and still work. The town has been the capital of Calais lace, but this has stopped around 1964 when the Pope allowed the women to come to church with their head uncovered. Business dropped by 70 % in just 6 months!
The present owners of the fabric are the fourth generation, just as most of their employees. The husband almost gave up in 1964, had even found a new job, but he could not leave the fabric.
All have been really proud of the wedding dress.
They check the machines for broken threads, then they check the lace for faults, marked by the knots. And then the women fix those faults.
The fabric has a showroom in Paris. Here they present Ungaro with the new collection. At the end, the lady from Ungaro explains that sewing with lace requires some care: the motives must not be positionned on strategic places like, well you get the ideas. In addition, seams, darts, etc must be invisible.

Miriam said...

Thank you for the link to the video. Wonderful...even if I didn't understand a word! lol
Thank you verobirdie for the subtitles

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