Friday, September 24, 2010

Stumpwork with Jane Nicholas

Jane rocks.

This was my second workshop with Jane Nicholas. And it was marvelous.

Jane's work is absolutely beautiful, impeccable and precise.

Designed, Copyrighted and Stitched by Jane Nicholas
And so is her teaching style.

Jane's classes have movement. She expects her students to experience certain accomplishments and she maintains a cadence to her class that ensures that result. Yet her class is warm and open and not pressured.

If you are lagging behind, she provides an excellent materials list and written instructions to assist you. She expects struggle and builds in time for her students to climb their own learning curves.

She reminds you to stop and pay attention when she emphasizes an important point...she reminds you to put your work down and take notes so that when she is gone, you'll remember what you're supposed to do.

I love her classes because I come away feeling as if I've learned a ton and that I've made some accomplishment myself.

And the visual smorgasbord of her work laid out on the table is enough to make you swoon...

Designed, Copyrighted and Stitched by Jane Nicholas

She keeps her pieces covered in plastic for protection so all of the pictures are taken through that plastic covering.

And all of the following pieces appear in her latest book, Stumpwork & Goldwork Embroidery Inspired by Turkish, Syrian & Persian Tiles...

Designed, Copyrighted and Stitched by Jane Nicholas

Designed, Copyrighted and Stitched by Jane Nicholas

Designed, Copyrighted and Stitched by Jane Nicholas

Designed, Copyrighted and Stitched by Jane Nicholas

You can read a review of the book written by Mary Corbet on her Needle 'N' Thread blog here.

Stumpwork is stitched by making many separate components which are cut out and then applied to the main fabric once they're completed.

So raspberries, dragonfly wings, leaves and flower petals are all created on separate hoops...

In fact it's a very hoop-intensive activity and the fabric needs to be as taut as a drum. So a good quality hoop like these from Hardwicke Manor work best -- they are made from birch hardwood and have brass screws so that you can tighten them with a screwdriver. It also helps to wrap the inner hoop with muslin strips or bias tape to give a more snug fit.

Jane also brought along pieces from her Stumpwork Medieval Flora book which I adore. Mary Corbet also reviewed this book on her her glowing opinion here. Thank you Mary!

Designed, Copyrighted and Stitched by Jane Nicholas

Designed, Copyrighted and Stitched by Jane Nicholas

Designed, Copyrighted and Stitched by Jane Nicholas

Designed, Copyrighted and Stitched by Jane Nicholas

It was sweet of some of you to think that the picture I posted yesterday was actually my work. I've corrected that for the future.

Alas, as a student of stumpwork, I have a pile of embroidery hoops with the beginnings of a hellebore flower...leaves...and raspberries.

And one dragonfly who doesn't have his antennae or legs yet...

That's why I'm the student.

I hope you all get a chance to meet Jane one day and see her work. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

And thank you Jane for giving me my own set of stumpwork "wings"...

You're marvelous! And now I'm taking myself to flight school...

Have a great weekend.


Carol said...

I could tell you how lucky you are, but actually, I don't THINK you are lucky. I think that you have seized opportunities that have come your way. You might be lucky to financially be able to, I don't know.

I love to watch your accomplishments and wish I had the driving force to FIND my opportunities.

You are amazing.

Gerry Krueger said...

I'm going to absolutely have the book about stumpwork and goldwork based on middle eastern tiles.... I am loving the goldwork and especially combined with COLOR... You are sooooooooooooo lucky to access this kind of talent... What flight school??? Gerry K.

Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing. I signed up for one of Jane's classes at EGA next year. Hopefully, I will get into the class. I am sure everything Jane taught you will be useful in all your future projects as well.

BTW. I love Mary's daily emails too. I learn so much from her. I bought the wooden hoop because of her and I will never use my plastic ones again!! I need to buy some more sizes.

Susanne said...

Hi Susan,
thank you so much for your review and this great pictures. I have not seen such a great work before. Wow!
All the best,

Susanne said...
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Anonymous said...

I am green with envy...I own all Jane's books and spend hours reading & looking through them...But to have a class with her would be the best.
I do have a question(s)...How many embroidery hoops did she recomennd you have for class and what sizes? Did you supply material or was it provided and what kind(s)?
Thanks for sharing pictures of your class...they are lovely.

Catherine said...

All I can say is, "WOW!" Those pieces are amazing - took my breath away!

Thank you so much for sharing.

Marty52 said...

What a great class to take, Susan! She does some stunningly extraordinary work. These would make a really wonderful addition to crazy quilts, wouldn't they!?!?

Plays with Needles said...


We used one larger hoop -- around six inches and then about 5 smaller hoops...around 4 inches...for the leaves, wings, petals, raspberries etc. We were responsible for bringing some threads, a whole lot of different types of needles, basic tools and the rest of the supplies were provided by Jane.

MosaicMagpie said...

I believe I actually stopped breathing while I was looking at that beautiful stiching. Susan how absolutly wonderful to be able to sit in a class with a teacher of that caliber. I have never seen such perfect stitch work. Ocassionally I forgot it was stitching and thought it was a real dragon fly. Lovely

Judy S. said...

Fabulous photos, Susan, of what looks like a wonderful class. I love the way you keep tackling new projects that challenge you and can't wait to see that dragonfly of your take to the sky!

Jane said...

Such wonderful work, I can tell you enjoyed the class very much. Looking forward to seeing your dragonfly take shape.
Off to a class myself this weekend, off to learn how to apply gold leaf to silk, all very exciting.

coral-seas said...

Thank you for sharing details of your class and the wonderful photographs of Jane's work. I loved those tiles when I saw Mary's review of the book but I think your photographs make them look even better. Jane's grasshopper and butterfly are AMAZING!

Your dragonfly is looking pretty amazing too and I can't wait to see how you apply the things you have learnt to your own stunning work.

Lakshmi said...

Hello susan,
thanks for sharing the pictures of amazing embroidery ..
your dragonfly is beautiful as well..

Christa Evans said...

Thank you for sharing. Your pictures are truly special (as always!).


Wendy said...

A? ... Holy shit! (sorry! please don't take offense.)
B? ... Iwish i could take pictures as good as you.

(And C. Maybe i've had one glass too many... )

Beautiful pix! Wish i was somewhere near that type of work. i'm still working on my running stitch and such.

éoline said...

Thank you for this beautiful story!
This technique seems te be wonderful but needs good eyes:-)

Sonja said...

All I can say is beautiful, Janes work is superb, its her details that makes the dragonfly look like it could spread its little wings. Stunning.

Thank you for sharing the class with us out here in "blogland" there are many that will not get the chance to go.

I cant wait to see your finished piece. I am sure it will be beautiful. Have a lovely day. Sonja

verobirdie said...

Susan, A good friend of mine gave me Jane Nicholas's book Stumpwork Embroidery last Satturday. So you can imagine how much I appreciate this post!
Thank you for sharing the pictures and the spirit of the course.

Coeur de freesia said...

How lucky you are. Her work is SO perfect. I would love to meet her. Who knows ? Maybe one day she would love to come to France ;-)

Radka said...

What a very good report on your class and fantastic pictures too!
Your dragonfly is beautiful:)

Lisa said...

Looks like a marvelous class! As always, your enthusiasm is infectious and inspires us once again!

Loralynn said...

How wonderful! Her work is absolutely phenominal! I look forward to seeing bit's and pieces of your class learning end up in your future works. Make sure you post a picture when you finish your class project!!!

Bobbi Pohl said...

Waaaah! Cough, cough. I so regret I got sick and couldn't come. I hope I can see some of the work you all are doing and can learn how to do it from her handouts.

Mary Corbet said...

Ooooooooooooooh! LUCKY YOU!!!!!!! It sounds like it was a TERRIFIC class!!!!

Thanks for the low-down on the class - I read it avidly. And of course, as always, your photos are fantabulous.

(And Thanks for linking to my reviews!)

flyingbeader said...

Holy Toledo! What a fabulous looking class & I want that book/kit & learn how to do those insects! The dragon flies are just wonderful. You know, I think I can handle doing stumpwork...I'm going to be looking here in C-town to see if someone teaches it.

MosaicMagpie said...

I was so impressed with your class and Jane's magnificent work. I have ordered her book on beetles.
Now I need you to come teach me.

Cheryl said...

Wondeful stumpwork , I have not seen this type of work before with the dragon flies, beetles and grasshopper , I would love to see how she uses the wire with them , Guess I need to find one of her books ,Thanks for posting this !

Barbara C said...

Thanks for the visual treat. You did a great job photographing the work through plastic.

Shirlee Fassell said...

Jane is a great teacher. I just got back from two days doing the Corncockle and Dragonfly. Her work is absolutely fabulous... Your pictures are wonderful but not even her books do justice to her work.

Allison Ann Aller said...

What a magnificent way to spend 2 days! Love seeing the pic of you and Jane at work...and those pins are great, too.

Elizabeth said...

So How did I miss this post??? Guess that my cold and snius infection really did take over!! what a beautiful and informative post. Can I just say again that I LOVE Your writing style!!!
I ahd no idea how stumpwork is done so yet again I learned a ton from your post and so enjoyed all of the fabulous pictures!! lovin that new camera yet????
Jane's book based on the tiles is amazing ! the examples of the pieces that you showed are breathtaking . it is difficult to remmeber that they are fiber works!!!
Thanks for the schooling and i am sure that you were an excellent student!!!

Balwearie said...

Gorgeousness -- thanks for posting these amazing pictures. It's nice to be able to see the detail of all that hard work.

Janet Granger said...

Wow! You're so lucky to have been able to take a class with Jane.

I've seen some reviews of her new 'tile' book, and some said it was 'so-so'. Now I've seen your pictures of the projects, though, I'm off to buy my copy! The projects are just amazing.....such lovely work.

Anonymous said...

I think that Jane is the most absolutely wonderful and inspiring teacher I've ever met.


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