Monday, May 3, 2010

Top O' the Topiary to You!

  1. I've done lots of work on Underland but it's a rainy Monday and not a good picture day.
  2. I had a bit of analysis paralysis over the weekend and couldn't decide if Alice needs to be Big Alice or small Alice or whether to nix Alice all together and pretend that she hasn't yet come down the rabbit I grew her and shrank her and grew her again...just like in the'll see what I decided soon enough...
  3. The wig of the Mad Hatter is made from Yak wool. Maryland had it's fantasmagorical, huge Sheep and Wool festival this past I went in search of hair for the Hatter and hair for Alice...It was 95 degrees and I felt like a sherpa transported to the Mojave I didn't get many pictures...
  4. I made way too many mushrooms -- probably enough to put on three blocks...I was, however, grateful to have choices.
  5. I'm off to make/buy a cake since my friend Carolyn turned 70 on Saturday and I'm going to see her today.
  6. Many thanks to all of you are making suggestions...I try on all of your ideas, kick the tires and see if they work --- Thanks to Marty for suggesting I hang the moss in clumps. It looks great that way. And for her inspiring ferns on her Midsummer quilt...Thanks to Allie for suggesting I add legs to my tables...I tried to add chairs behind the tables but decided that they made the block look too busy...And thanks to Gerry for sending me fern fabric from a silk's coming in handy on this piece!
  7. Finally, I lost my entire email inbox on Saturday when Jim logged into Microsoft Outlook by mistake. The pirates transferred my entire Yahoo inbox into their browser and I'm still working on restoring it. If you sent me an email on Friday or Saturday, I'll get back to you when I can. And if I haven't gotten back to you on something important, please email me again...sorry for your trouble. Downal wyth Bluddy Behg Microsoft~!


Carol said...

I kept checking this AM. I knew you would post. I did that Outlook thing about a year ago...buggers its a pain!! I was thinking about this quilt this morning and wondered what would be new.

There MUST be Alice..big OR little. I'm voting for little....or big. Big would be interesting. Not the usual. Unexpected. Wonder what you chose.
Now I'll be thinking about this dang quilt all day. Its like a mystery novel...or maybe a Buggs Bunny cartoon. You know, when Buggs says "Which way did she go, which way did she go"! Or did some other toon say that?

Judy S. said...

Oh my, are you really doing a tree for the Queen of Hearts too? 95 degrees? Amazing! It was 44 here this morning...and this is May
3rd? BTW, Catherine is wearing my mantilla which has survived almost 45 years. Wish you could see the purple orchid underneath...... We don't have lots of photos because the main photo-taker was the FOB.

Nellie's Needles said...

Woo Hoo! I just saw Alice IN 3D. Can't believe in all my 68 years this is my first 3D movie. I'm still smiling like the Cheshire Cat, it was so wonderful. I want to see it again. And now I want to see Avatar in 3D, too. I didn't think I had missed much with regular viewing, but now I know better.

Watching the progression of your wonderland is wonderful. It's even more so now that I have appreciation for the 3D effect you're after.

Nellie's Needles said...

Just gave my husband a tour of what you're doing with Wonderland. He's mighty impressed!

Elizabeth said...

Oh I am sure that all were dripping at the sheep Show- many of our guild memebers went but not me- I opt for a fall show. I bet you found tons of awesome fiber tho- can't wait to see!!!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for your next post, I checked every hour yesterday till you did. Beautiful work, and you have inspired me to pick up a needle again. Funny enough am making leaves too!!!

Marty52 said...

You are most welcome, Susan! That last picture is really beautiful... is it from the current movie or something else? I love the term "analysis paralysis!" What a perfect way to describe the feeling. I'll have to remember that! Can't wait to see what you do next!

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