Friday, April 16, 2010

Simple Seams

For me, the next step after piecing was to lay down a foundation of simple seam coverings over the entire block. No layering, no beads, no silk ribbon...nothing else yet.

I have a lot of embellishment planned for this block so many of the seams may not show in the end...I don't want to waste too much time and materials on areas that will be covered.

I'm not exactly sure what will or won't be covered just yet, so I lay down simple seams as a "base carpet" for the next step.

I also am not yet sure which seams I'll want to emphasize/enhance and which seams I will want to retreat or minimize. By waiting to layer the seam treatments, I leave my options open as the piece progresses.

That's all for today. Keeping it simple.


A girl in her shed... said...

Haha - simple???? They are beautiful seams and all so different! I know there is lots more to come but that looks pretty lovely to me already.

I hope you are having big fun - your head must be bursting with ideas :0)

Shelly x

Front Range Stitcher said...

Nonetheless, you have a way of making even the "simplest" (your word) things look lovely! I'm savoring each element of this project.

Gerry Krueger said...

The amount of imagry to choose from is staggering.....What fun... I want to play too... Can I paint you a MOP button like the rabbit's backward clock???

Hugs Gerry K.

Maureen said...

Great approach Susan. I'll be watching and emulating! You're a wonderful teacher.

Carol said...

OMG!!!! Gerry is ASKING if she can paint you a button!!! I'm dying here!! (Gerry is my CQ idol).

I'm going to love to watch your progress. I am paying close attention to the thread and beads you are using.

I ordered the seam coverings book from Jukebox quilts today. Lets see how I use it.

Have a greaaaaat! weekend.
XX, Carol

verobirdie said...

You call that simple?! OMG!
I call it sophisticated and beautiful.

flyingbeader said...

Great work. I always had trouble doing a chain stitch. I have no idea why, but I think using different simple stitches are making this piece elegant!

Judy S. said...

Thanks for the keep it simple reminder, Susan. That's going to be my mantra for the next three weeks! ;>) Looks terrific so far!!!

Loralynn said...

"Seams" we have been doing the same thing! I just finished my first little bit of crazy quilting ever! I can't wait to see what you do with yours next!

coral-seas said...

Simple is a good starting place, especially when it is sharp!

I like the range of stitches and threads used.

Alice is a favourite of mine, and of course, she comes from my home town. I'm really excited to see this develop.

Catherine said...

Simple???? I am loving all the stitched and colors!!

Teena in Toronto said...

Good job!

Happy blogoversary :)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Susan, what a wonderland indeed! It is just fascinating watching you take this on. I love your thinking process, and always, your is going to be gorgeous!

Back from a week of traveling and 2 days prep for an all-day class I am teaching today. Tomorrow I will finally have my head above water to catch up on my blogging friends. But I had to come see you!

Robin said...

Susan, your new name: the Grand Movie Enabler!
Just saw Alice in Wonderland (3-D). OMG, was that a wild ride? Loved it! Now, I am even more absorbed into your Alice Crazy Quilt. Anxiously waiting... tick-tock...

Elizabeth said...

fabulous so far!!!!

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