Monday, March 15, 2010

Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition 2010

This morning, my friend Carolyn and I trudged out into the fourth day of rain to travel the one hour it takes to get to the historic Woodlawn Estate near Mt. Vernon in Virginia. The Woodlawn estate was originally part of George Washington's Mount Vernon before he gifted 2,000 acres to his niece for her wedding.

Every year, Woodlawn holds a needlework exhibition. And this year, for us, was a particularly special year.

This year our Japanese embroidery teacher, Tonie Evans, had coordinated the submission of 37 Japanese Embroidery pieces to be on display all at one time. Carolyn had entered four pieces and I had entered two. The whole purpose of "blitzing" the show this year with Japanese embroidery was for exposure.

And I can't tell you how wonderful a feeling it was to walk into the room and see all of that Japanese embroidery on display all at the same time. It was great! And, what made it even better, was to listen to all of the appreciative comments of those who had come to see...and to hear the tour guides refer to the room with all the Japanese embroidery as the "WOW" Room!

I wasn't allowed to take any pictures but you can see the entire gallery of Japanese embroidery submissions here on Flickr.

And you can see all the first, second and third place winners for the entire exhibit in this gallery here. The exhibit runs through the end of March.

Afterwards, Carolyn and I went to Old Town Alexandria for lunch only to find that the Potomac River had crested its banks and flooded the lower streets...

The River looked mighty and swollen after so many days of rain.

Thanks for a great day Carolyn!

And thanks to Woodlawn, Nelly's Needlers (who sponsor the event every year) and my teacher, Tonie Evans for all the inspiration!


Catherine said...

Sounds like a very fun day!

I can only imagine that any pictures don't really do the pieces justice!

Perhaps one year I'll make the trip to see the lovely exhibit!

Christa Evans said...


Dees said...

I second that Christa: WoW! What beautifull work... now which is yours and your friends?
I admire the patience and skill put into all of these pieces. Like painting with needle and thread.

Mary said...

Susan, a minor correction -- the gift of Woodlawn was to Washington's niece (by his marriage to Martha), Nelly Custis Lewis. Glad you had a nice day -- I'm planning to go next Sunday.

Plays with Needles said...

oops! Thanks Mary! Those details slay me every time...

Barbara C said...

Wow indeed. All that embroidery in one place make for a big impact. Congratulations to you and your group.

Judy S. said...

Looks like a fun trip even though it was kind of wet. At least it wasn't snow, eh?

Ingrid Mida said...

What extraordinary work! I wish I knew which pieces were yours on the Flickr site.

Lisa said...

How wonderful to see so much lovely work all in one place! Congrats on your 2nd place for the gorgeous pansies embroidery!

Carol said...

Lucky you to be a part of such a memorable exhibition. The work is beautiful. I wanted flicker to zap in realll close!!

Memorable trip to Alexandria too. You'll always remember what year the rains would not subside.

Congratulations for being asked to participate.
xx, Carol

Elizabeth said...

Oh I am sooo gld that I ahve not missed this exhibit!!! I am going to run up there next week to ahve a peek and see a SUSAN orignal!!
Next time you are down Alexandria way you must check out a little bead store taht is a hidden jewel!! it is called Beads LTD. , has no web presence, but amazing prices because the business is run in her home and she has no overhead!! Amazing selection and if you are looking for something specail and she does not have it, she will look for it for you!! SHe also specializes in VINTAGE beads. She has kind of different hours Sunday- Wednesday 11-7. Don't go and expect to spend an hour or two, too much to see. She is not in Old Town . but East of Rt 1.

A true hidden treasure and the nicest folks that you could imagine!!!!

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