Friday, March 5, 2010

Puttin' on the Wrist

Don't they all look gorgeous???

At our EGA meeting on Monday, all the women who took the Jewel of India bracelet class in February wore their finished bracelets! It was so much fun to see how each one of their color choices turned out...

And Ann Flowers attempted a double-wide with smashing success! Ann is always living on the edge...

She also used a delica bead which I had never seen before called "thistle" -- it's my new favorite! It's the rainbow-colored one on the edge of this bracelet...and I found it at Whimbeads here.

And speaking of wrists...mine have been kind of sore lately. And not just my wrists, but the thumb joint or the carpo-metacarpal joint (I just learned that at Hand University!)

I was sharing my woes with fellow crazy quilter Betty Pillsbury and she told me about a wrist rub that she sells as part of her business, Green Spiral Herbs. So not only is Betty a magnificent embroiderer and teacher...she's also an accomplished herbalist!

Well, I've been using her wrist rub religiously over the past few days to great effect. I keep it in my purse and rub it on when I'm waiting in line...

I also bought some meditation oil -- I am trying to be a better meditator and I'm hoping that the oil will help me stay focused *snicker...Kind of like just by buying the weight loss book, I should lose the 20 pounds *guffaw

I have never met Betty before but I'm looking forward to being her student next Spring at the Adventures in Crazy Quilting Seminar being held in Glastonbury, CT. She will be joining Allie and SharonB for an unforgettable three days of study and fun! I cannot wait. I wish it wasn't a whole year away. And I've heard that it's already half full! I have never been to anything like this so I cannot believe I'm finally going to meet some of you in person. What a joy it will be!

Have a great weekend everyone. Wrist assured, I will!

P.S. If anyone has any other tried and true therapeutic techniques for their hands, I'd love to hear them!

P.P.S. If you were one of the folks that had asked me about the Jewel of India bracelet pattern, I have two spare copies of the magazine so drop me a line -- I have forgotten who you were...sorry

P.P.P.S. Your trivia for the day...What power does Wonder Woman have when she crosses her bracelets??


Gerry Krueger said...

I know this will not be much help to you but my poor twisted arthritic hands NEVER feel as good as they do when I'm milking the sheep every day .. The gentle continuous pulling motion and the warmth of the udder I guess.

And when I finish I bury my hands in their wool for a doze of lanolin... I could probably get rich if I invented a machine that duplicated that ....

Maybe I should let people come and milk and call it a "hand spa"

Gerry K.

Linda H said...

I LOVE those bracelets, they are gorgeous! I was not one of the original people who asked you for the pattern/magazine if you have extras, but would love to have a copy, should you have any left over, or not hear from the others... I love those thistle delicas Ann used too....Mmmmmm...Check out my Blog to see my Kumihimo bracelets... Maybe we'll have to have a "private class" with each other to do bracelets next April!!

Betty P is a sweetheart, I took a class with her two summers ago. You will love her.

I don't have any arthritis problems (yet), but for dry skin or cracks at the corners of your thumb nails, there's nothing better than Udder Cream. I swear by it, use it all year 'round.It's not greasy which is great when doing handwork...

I am so excited about Sharon B's class too- soooo looking forward to meeting you there! I agree- it's hard to wait a whole year...

Nellie's Needles said...

The bracelets look great!

The trick I use for reducing stress is to wear a "thumb condom" on the hand that handles the needle. That being a cut-off finger from a latex glove. It is thin and flexible so no feeling is lost when something needs to be picked up. The commercial "grabbers" are too thick and cumbersome for me.

Judy S. said...

Those bracelet makers must have had a good teacher! I really like the one with the thistle beads.....
Rest and ice sometimes help; you've been working those hands of yours pretty hard of late.

FredaB said...

Hi Susan

I have signed up with Maureen for the retreat. That was before I even saw you were associated with it. That was great news and a chance to meet Sharon is wonderful.
Allie and I have met before and are good friends.
Betty is a dear and I have taken a couple of classes with her. I have often said she runs the best class of anyone I have ever taken from. She keeps the class running and doesn't let small stuff get in the way. You will love her.
I loved Gerry K's comment above. "A hand spa". She is really something.

I have signed up for their retreat in Colorado in Sept. and so look forward to meeting her.



Carol said...

I didn't see any one answer the Wonder Woman question, though I may have missed it.

Wonder Woman, a show I never missed I might add, defended herself with the bracelets deflecting evil energy and bullets etch.

Your friends were really creative in their versions of the bracelet.

Do you EVER rest?

Enjoy the weekend.

xx, Carol

SHELL'S SHED said...

I just think she crossed them to look both awesome and powerful, lol. Wonder Woman was my childhood heroine and I could often be found spinning round in a corner of the room (who am I kidding, I used to do it out in the street in full view of the neighbours and any passer by) in a vain attempt to suddenly become she who I adored.

Fantastic bracelets - I can but sit and drool as I am still getting to grips with snowflakes and peyote. Maybe one day I shall turn into wonder woman and manage both rofl

better get back to spinning in that corner :0) dignity refuses to allow me to play in the street anymore. Hey ho - I always did have an active imagination.

Shell x

Anonymous said...
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leilani said...

Glad your bag fetched a nice donation to the cause. It would have gone for a LOT more had they included an on-line auction too. It could be done with Proxy bidders.

I too did not originally request a copy of that issue but if there is any way I could get a copy of the article on the Jewel of India bracelet, I would be most grateful.
That particular issue is not available from Beadwork magazine and I've not been successful finding it on ebay.

If anyone would care to mail me a copy of the instructions, I will mail back a packet of antique glass beads I removed from a silk piano shawl. Very very lovely. My email is leilanibennett at kraemersw dot com.

Have I made someone an offer they can't refuse? Hope so.

leilani said...

Forgot to tell you that I rub Kwan Loong Oil (eucalyptus, lavender and light mineral oils) on my thumb joint and achy knees every night and sometimes in the morning and it helps me a lot.

That plus Aleve. Does the trick most of the time. When that doesn't work, I resort to a very dry Bombay martini or two. Now that does the trick every time!

Lynn said...

I love the bracelets - each one is prettier than the next.

Please rest your hand. It would be horrible to see you out of commission for very long.

I believe Wonder Woman's cuffs were used to deflect bullets. If only I could spin so fast and turn into a wonder woman - that would be something.....I usually just spin and spin and get no where ~sigh~

Nydra said...

I discovered much online
information about the anti-
inflammatory properties of
fresh ginger tea for arthritis......made
with thinly sliced fresh ginger
...about 1/2" to a cup of
hot water. It seems to be
very helpful for lots of things...
maybe it will help your wrist.

Wanda said...

I hate to admit it but I never even thought about wrist pain. I hope that you get all sorts of great ideas and something helps. Now back pain...I can relate to that. That's why I ride my bike like a fanatic. Bike riding actually helps at least at this point. I do see what the future "could" hold though when I look at my mom and my grandma. I love the indian bracelets. Alot.

Joan said...

What a beautiful post. Lovely wristbands. Looks like a lot of fun for all.

denise said...

How funny, you'll be in Glastonbury...I practically live there, I'm about 1 mile in from it's edge and I lived there awhile before so it's where I do my shopping, coffee getting, etc. If you have a chance to sight see, go to the outside edges going East.

Great bracelets, I love the double wide.

Oh, and I often use a hot paraffin spa and have found not only yummy warmth but some relief.

Elizabeth said...

That just goes to show what a fabulous teacher you are!!!!! Love that little Delica- must investigate!!!!
Oh how I wish all one had to do was buy the book!!!!

ANother great hand joint remedy is Arnicare- it is made form arnica- an herb and provides miracle fast relief. I get it at my indie pharmacy who stocks lots of natuopathic items. I need to restock as a matter of fact as we are getting into gardening season !!! YIIIPPPEEEEE

Allison Ann Aller said...

The bracelets are indeed wonderful...but the hands are what strike me as so beautiful!

Mary-Frances said...

Fabulous bracelets and I just sent a message off to Betty for some wrist stuff! Yay!

marilynneq said...

Hi, I also did not request one of the Jewel of India Bracelet patterns but would love to have a copy and if you don't have an extra copy, would you tell me where I could find a copy? They are so beautiful...Thanks so much and also for the information on the rub...I am going to look at Betty's herbal website & order some and I also wrote her about some other remedies for my chronic pain conditions & immune system disorders...I agree with udder cream for hands, especially splits around nails...Marilynne is snowy SE TN...yes, sleet & snow in south...

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