Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miss L. Zany-ous !

This is a zany, somewhat miscellaneous post. So, in honor of the subject matter, allow me to formally introduce the artist featured in my last bjp. Everyone, please meet ~~ Miss L. Zany ~~

Not to be confused with Missile Zany -- who is a warmonger! No, never fear, Miss Zany is a pacifist who loves the earth, her neighbor, and dressing in her own eclectic style. And, let me tell you, she was absolutely delighted that so many of you liked her socks!

Well, for those of you who have recognized Miss Zany for the fashion icon that she is...she's prepared to share a few of her secrets...

You can order your own pair of mismatched socks for yourself or any other young one in your life. (Don't say it! You are not too old to wear mismatched socks! Come on! Instead of getting a wild gray hair, how about a wild sock or two?)

The young girls like to wear them with their sports uniforms. They are so much fun and you get three socks in a pack to mix and match any way you like!

You can find ALL the different options at Little Miss Matched! And thanks to my friend Maureen from my Crazy Group of Quilters for pointing them out to me -- xo!

I did find one pattern for knitted mismatched socks on Ravelry...the pattern is by Karen Hodge who published it on her blog K2Knits...

These are cute but, for me, they are a little too matched for mismatched socks...I'm going to keep looking and I'll let you know if I find anything sillier.

Ok. Back to Miss Zany. Miss Zany was also delighted that you all loved her bunny Spunk as much as she does.

Her bunny was adopted from Susan Clarke Originals -- who handpaints little metal buttons, charms, beads and cabochons.

You can find another bunny from Spunk's

As for me, I'm starting a new project today and it involves leaves again!

I know, I know....I just can't seem to leave well enough alone!


Gerry Krueger said...

My DIL knitted me mismatched socks for xmas... How great is that???

I used to make and sell "garden smocks" with mismatched buttons.. I was amazed how often customers wanted the buttons replaced with ones that matched. What fun is that??? Hip Hip hooray for mismatch!

Gerry K.

Dees said...

you got me thinking... maybe I should start wearing mismatching socks... maybe that would ease up some of what is going on right now huh? Maybe I should knit them myself to keep my mind from wandering off to where is shouldn't go? Better? Ha! Thanks for brightening up my day, really needed that.

Sharon said...

Miss Zany is fantastic. Love the rabbit too. Thanks for the info on where I can get one. As for the socks that comes naturally for me. LOL Sharon

Cathy K said...

I love Miss Zany, her mismatched socks and Susan Clarke Originals. I've ordered a couple times from Little Mis Matched and had good luck on everything (baby clothes and socks), but just didn't care for the socks. Not beefy enough for my always-cold feet to wear around as house socks. But they sure are cute! Hugs, Cathy

Carol said...

Thanks for the info on where to find the charms..

I'm afraid I don't wear mismatched socks. I am ultra conservative when I were socks. They are either black so I can share with Ter, or none and only my toes are mismatched then.

But I do love to wear mismatched earrings...and I have been known to show up at work with mismatched shoes, which is always good for a few laughs.

I', off to the charm shop now! Hope they aren't sold out!

Happy Day to you.

xx, Carol

Front Range Stitcher said...

I hope you don't leaf us in the dark too long about your next project. I imagine you've been busily leafing through various project resources. :) I just couldn't leaf well enough alone, I was compelled to leaf a comment. I'm leafing now.

coral-seas said...

Hello Miss L Zany, I'm very pleased to make your aquaintance.

It has been a please to peek inside your world. Hope to meet you again, oneday. Perhaps for afternoon tea.

Wanda said...

And I thought my hubby was a little crazy saving the one sock without the big hole in it because sooner or later there would be another to pair with it. I am hoping that Miss Zany has lots of adventures that she'll share with us!

Elizabeth said...

I realize that I neglected to comment about Zany's fabulous socks- they are one of the first things I noticed in detail once I began to breathe again after my initial sighting of this wonderful piece!!!
I feel some shopping coming on after your generous sharing of links. Susan Clarke is a fabulous site and I love the mismatched socks- got to have some!!!!

Judy S. said...

Loved your unbeleafably zany post, Miss Zany too. You gave me an "aha moment" just now, the solution for SSS (single sock syndrome, a dreadful knitter's malady)~mismatched socks. Ta Da! Glad the CD arrived OK and hope you enjoy it.

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