Friday, June 12, 2009

100 hundred flowers...

I will be the gladdest thing

Under the sun!

I will touch a hundred flowers

And not pick one.


Maureen said...

All I can say is "WOW"!!!! You did it. I can't wait to see it.
I already know how beautiful it was before (hee, hee I've been to the inner sanctum)

coral-seas said...

It looks like you have planted one hundred flowers and they are blooming lovely :-)


Lisa said...

Love the rivers of flowers you've added to this!

Ingrid Mida said...

Wow! Your work is stunning.
I also enjoyed the quote. Thanks.

Robin said...

...and not pick ONE??? Who is she kidding? Not the original "Fossie" kid!

Love catching up with you, reading back through posts all the way to the Liberty Ladies.

As soon as I saw your BJP shape, I thought bowl... close, huh... but no cigar. Love the cup!!! Love the flower sequins, especially the ones on top of the heart siquins!!!! My bead/quilt pals Lunnette and Christy have both already used some of the itty-bitty flower sequins that I gave them... I seem to be the only slow-poke on the block. You three are my inspiration!

Thanks for the Knitty links. How nice to find something like that for free! And now I have to buy that new Knitting book with the hands and soul on the cover and the lovely quilt idea inside!

Your old beaded button... You have a rare treasure there. I've seen only a couple of them. They date back to the late 1800s to about 1940. Yes, the beading is on a fine wire mesh. The method of construction you described is exactly what I've seen too. Awesome that you hae one!!!

You are a great tease with your BJP photos! It's fun to see and guess and not quite know!

Hugs, Robin A.

pam T said...

WOW, this little snippet of a peek is gorgeous!!!
I just want to know where everyone gets the patience to bead so intensely!!! I feel like such a novice when I see your work, and Robin's and everyone else!
Love the quote too...
Susan, LOVE your blog, it is always SO uplifting...!

Judy S. said...

Love it, Susan. "Remember," said the turtle, "slow but sure, wins the race." It may be slow but sure is pretty!

TattingChic said...

Oooooh! Pretty! So very very pretty! :)

Carol said...

Pretty little bead flowers! We already know this is a wonderful piece. When do we get to see more?

Tracey N. said...

This is so pretty! I cant wait to see the whole piece. Where on earth did you get those adorable little flowers?

Wanda said...

I can relate to the saying. I am speechless about the beading. Spectacular!

Elizabeth said...

Your tiny flowere (sequins???) remind me of Edelweiss or Sweet Woodruff! Can't wait to see more!!
Where ever did you find such tiny treasures?????

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