Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Dress Day!

I have dresses on the brain this morning. Last Friday, Allie commented about Audrey's little black dress and Barbara C commented that it reminded her of paper dolls. Later that day, I stumbled upon this finished quilt.

It was the result of an internet collaborative where each woman took a simple design and dressed it up. You can read all about it and see each individual dress close-up on HollyDolly blog.

And Debra Spincic has been re-fashioning some of her old clothes into everyday dresses. Now, the thought of wearing an "every day" dress intrigues me...I have to find one of those...and I wonder what my husband would say....

For years, I've been collecting images of dresses. Here are some in my file though I can't source them, sorry!

And this is one that is inspiring me to create a new designer Lindsay Mason. I love all the different fabrics and styles that Lindsay puts together in her fresh and fun designs.

I'm also lucky enough to own two dress sculptures by fabulous glass artist, Kathleen Holmes. Kathleen uses vintage needlework pieces in her glass sculptures to create beautiful art. This one is my current fave called Garden Infanta

And this one is the one I'm lucky enough to have in my living room....

And Karla Nathan sells dresses made out of vintage wallpaper and trims in her etsy shop...

And I can't leave a discussion of dresses without showing you this Dress Lamp Tree by UK photographer Tim Walker. Stunning.

I have just a few stitches left on my October Bead Journal Project. Yesterday, I spent the day biking 60 miles to Annapolis and back.

Thankfully, this nice young mid-shipman named Casey was kind enough to pose in the photograph so you would know we were actually there in the home of the U.S. Naval Academy. If only he had been in "dress" uniform, then it would really fit this post!

Today, my needlework guild is having a HUGE Swap and Flea Market so I have to go!! Hope you have a dress-up type of day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan-
Missed you Saturday. This reminds me of my Paper Doll quilt. I am almost finished. I was hoping to bring it Saturday but my mechine was giving me trouble.
Hopefully I will show you in December.
Maureen Flaherty

Allison Ann Aller said...

Such a fun post!
I really enjoyed looking over Lindsay's website. Those dresses are to die for.
Great riding, too....I've been to the Naval Academy. It is truly grand and inspiring!

Elmsley Rose said...

loooooove the Lindsay Mason! *droool*

Judy S. said...

Love that quilt! And the dress lights! What fun. A 60 mile bike ride, I am very impressed! You are one energetic soul!

Barbara C said...

What a great post! I love the quilt and the lights disguised as dresses in the trees. The dress is such a meaningful icon: so many memories of special occasions are attached to them.

Debra said...

See, I knew your living room was a museum! You are not fooling me!

Fun post. There is also a very addictive blog called Dress A Day where Erin writes about all kinds of dresses and patterns--many are vintage and she has a huge following. Dresses are very intriguing and wonderful on many levels!

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