Friday, October 10, 2008

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Well, this special prize landed in my mailbox yesterday from the talented Elizabeth Holcombe. It combines two of my favorite things: the Wicked Witch and pincushions. Don't you love the poppy feedsack she used? I also happen to love the Broadway show Wicked so this pincushion touches me on multiple levels.

Last week, I read this post on Elizabeth's blog about her silly collection of Madame Alexander dolls from McDonalds. I couldn't believe there was someone in the world like me. I never go to McDonald's but when I saw them advertising Wizard of Oz dolls, I had to go buy a Happy Meal (for a girl) and get a doll. My first was the Pink Munchkin doll and she has been quite the companion. My next friend was the wizard.

I have to admit that throughout the years, I have collected Happy Meal Toys - I have Mrs. Potts (a teapot) and Chip (her son, the cup) from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I just can't resist the quality and cuteness factor of the toy for only a couple of bucks.

Anyway, when I read Elizabeth's post about her silly collection, I commented about my secret collection and suggested she make me a Wicked pincushion with the Wicked Witch -- and she did!!

I use a pincushion every day and I like to have them at multiple stitching locations around the house. Since they are sitting out, they have to be cute. Here's a post I did in May that shows you some other of my faves.

You can see that this guy is getting a lot of action. That's because he's manning the crazy quilting station and that requires lots of needles and different threads. I don't like to re-thread my needle when switching colors, so I'll keep the remaining thread in my pincushion to use on another seam.

Lately, I've been coveting this pincushion from artist Mimi Kirchner. She also makes dolls which you can see on her blog and in her etsy shop.

After reading my post yesterday, Judy wondered what the girl's equivalent of the Adventurous Book for Boys says about boys.

I happen to own this book. Here's what it says.

Honestly, I don't feel like Mrs. Peskowitz and Mrs. Buchanan did nearly as good of job at educating girls about boys as Mssrs. Iggulden did in educating boys about girls. How about you?


Elmsley Rose said...

OT : I read 400 pages of "The Likeness" - Tara French (of "In the Woods" fame) book last night.
Can't wait to finish!

(oh, and the teddy bear pincushion is really cute)

Debra said...

I agree but then, how often can you talk about breaking wind with a girl, just to pick one example!

Cute pincushions. I go for the utilitarian look, unfortunately. I don't seem to have much cute in me lately.

paulahewitt said...

went shopping yesterday and bought the dangerous book (Australian ed) for jimmys xmas present. made sure the advice about girls was the same tho.
cute pincushions

black bear cabin said...

im reading Wicked right now and totally enjoying it! i took my daughter to McD's the other day for her first happy meal, and we were quite excited about the wicked witch doll. how totally awesome she is for a free prize!
we only go into town about every 2 weeks, but you can bet we will be back!
as for the kudos on my blog can get it here.....


Judy S. said...

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity, Susan! Now I don't have to sneak into the bookshop to read those pages..... I am sorely tempted to purchase both versions but figure by the time the grandkids are "of age," the advice will probably be different!

Cute pincushions. I loved "Wicked" also.

black bear cabin said...

oh...i forgot to mention...i LOVE the pincushion :)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Well, I love how all the needles stuck in your "active" CQ cushion look EXACTLY like mine!

We all hopefully collect something a little eccentric...for me it is black Barbies. They are so much cuter than their white sisters.....

freebird said...

I like your pincushions. I can't leave any out as my cat loves to pull the pins out and I am afraid she'll swallow one.

I think the both books have good ideas for kids. People are complicated as the girl's book says and boys do need to learn certain manners if they want the girls to stay around.

Robin said...

You always pack so many fun pictures and thoughts into each post... it's such a pleasure to read!

I love Mimi's blog and all of her dolls, cards, etc. In case your readers want to check it out, here is her blog.

Your new pin cusion is wickedly fabulous!

Robin A.

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

It was an honor and a thrill to make your "wicked" pin cushion :))))~~~~XXOO, Beth

Jacqui said...

I love your pincushion gift, she is absolutely gorgeous and I agreed with you about Mimi's pincushions, they really are precious.

Somehow i don't think Mrs. Peskowitz and Mrs. Buchanan had any inkling of what boys are like. I find my son a constant mystery to be honest, really don't know how the wiring of his brain works at all. But then I feel this way about my husband as well, even after 26 yrs together, he is a complete mystery to me sometimes which is probably why I am still there!

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