Sunday, September 7, 2008

Magnetic Attraction

There's something special about the bloom of an orchid. It doesn't happen very often and it's never guaranteed.

My husband bought me this orchid for Valentine's Day.

Around that time, Martha had run a special segment for guys advising them on what types of flowers to buy for their Valentine.

She said to avoid buying the florist special of 12 long-stem red roses because they die within two days and never open up.

She said to never buy the supermarket bouquet at the checkout line because it's just not all.

She advised all the husbands to buy orchids. They last a very long time and, if you're lucky, they will bloom again.

Well, my husband Jim listened and I am so grateful that he did.

When I woke up this morning, this orchid had decided to bloom again with three lovely, scented blossoms. It's a treat for the senses and I can indulge myself in Valentine's Day all over again. Gotta love, Martha!

I'm also taking pictures of magnet sets to send to my Japanese Embroidery teacher for a fundraiser we're holding in two weeks.

These magnet sets are from LittleputLand on Etsy. Each set of four magnets comes in a slide-top box decorated with Japanese washi paper.

Since we embroider on silk fabric with silk threads, our japanese embroidery must be protected from dirt, dust, spit, etc. Most of us cover the areas of our embroidery where we are not working in order to protect the silk embroidery and fabric. We often use small magnets to hold our tissue in place.

From this underneath shot, you can see that those little magnets are tiny so it can be a challenge to take them off and move them when needed.

These little inventions from LittleputLand are great. Not only are they decorative but they provide a firmer grip to the hand to take the magnets on and off of the frame. An improvement over just the little magnets themselves. The regular set for sale does not include the extra magents for underneath your frame. If you would like to purchase a set of these for your embroidery, please tell her that you need four extra little magnets included as well.

Woohoo! The Ravens just scored the first touchdown of the Season!

Hope springs eternal here in Baltimore. Happy Sunday everyone.


Pigtown*Design said...

WOOHOO! It was such a perfect day for the home opener. Did you see the little video I did of the flyover?

Unknown said...

Gorgeous magnets!

Jane said...

Wow, how cool are these. Think I might send for these for my JE frame (maybe I'll get some extras as well!!)

david santos said...

This is Art!!!!

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