Friday, September 12, 2008

Letting Things Linger...

I love to let things linger.

I love to linger on the beach at the end of a beautiful day until after the sun has set and I begin to grow cold. Only then do I really appreciate the warmth and the beauty of the day.

I love to read very slowly those last fifty pages of a beautiful story when you have speed-read through the first 200. It is a process of saying goodbye to characters and words that you have loved.

This love of lingering can get confused with procrastination. But it is very different.

I have spent the last two days lingering over my Tea Therapy block and my latest book, Mister Pip.

Yesterday, I stretched and steamed the block so that I can "square it up" and I finally stitched the last few seams and attached the last few beads... No, I wasn't quite done when I submitted my photos to that magazine. I still had a few more things to do...

To linger is to be slow in parting from a project that you have loved, re-living the decisions and the lessons learned along the way.

Lingering allows for savoring. It allows me time to make a home for my experiences within my soul so that they become a part of me.

My memory might fail me but the feelings attached to the memory will not.

And so, here is the completed block ready to be sewn together into a pillow. I needed to add to the button trail on the top right so that your eye kept moving from the girl on the top left, through the "band-aid" title and down to the cup. Then, I hope you find the poem, then the three cups and the cake on the bottom left and finally your eyes will rest in the center with the three girls having tea.

Click on block to see larger image.

Hopefully, I was successful and you find yourself looking at all areas of the block and finding new details to explore. I'd love to hear how your tour went and whether it worked or not.

I promise to say goodbye to this block now. You may see it one more time after it gets sewn together and finds it's new home on my living room couch.

Another place my mind is lingering is within the pages of this book.

It was a mesmerizing read. At just over 250 pages, it reads very quickly but it's messages have been staying with me for days. I can understand why this book won so many awards. It's beautifully written, making me want to read more of this author's work. It would make a great book club book paired with Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Read Dickens first.

So, linger a little, why don't you?


Elmsley Rose said...

Wow! (sorry, limited English at 4am)
So much to look at! And it's special, because we know the story behind it of the blues and your Mum.

and I'll put Mr Pip on my booklists -been meaning to for ages.

Marty52 said...

This is just lovely... I especially like the white ribbon flowers and some of your seam treatments. This one I'm going to have to spend some time studying!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Well, this is just plain magnificent. No wonder you didn't want to say farewell to the experience of creating this lovely piece.
It is bigger than I thought. What are the actual dimensions?
The variety of needlework techniques included is so rich. I've been getting away from that in my own work but I sure love seeing it in yours....very inspiring.

Are you sure you want to make this into a pillow? I'm afraid the details along the edges would recede too much (due to the curve) and also the beads and buttons should not have to take that wear and tear. Unless it is a purely non-functional pillow?
It would be such a gorgeous wall-hanging...but what do I know? ;-)

And yes, it eyes are led from one surprising delight to the next...just like the conversation around that tea table...

Debra said...

My heart sunk when you mentioned making this lovely piece into a pillow; unless your living room resembles a museum.

You were more than successful developing your theme. An excellent piece.

Cheryl said...

Your crazy quilt block is simply luscious! I am intrigued by the books you are reading and have to hurry up and finish 6 I already have on a pile so I can start on the Japanese authors.

Marsha said...

Your tea therapy block is just amazing--so beautiful. And thanks for the book recommendation. I'd not heard of it before. I'll definitely put it on my reading list!

Lisa said...

This block is so gorgeous! A feast for the eyes, and they do linger and explore, slowly discovering as you had wished!

I also love your thoughts on lingering at the end. I often find myself doing the same.


Wendy said...

So Fabulous!!!! This is so awesome and I love the total 3D effect it has. So beautiful. I especially love the little tea party the girls are having.

Joyce said...

This is a complete delight. I have been wanting to do something similar and your piece is so inspiring. I wonder how you attached the spoon? I have a tiny spoon and was going to use ribbon to tie it on. I love the fabric piece of the girls having tea! Everything is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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