Saturday, June 14, 2008

Plays with Nieces...

There once was an Aunt
Who had nine nieces
She played with her needles
And loved them to pieces!

They loved to be silly
And fix up their hair
They loved to plan parties
And dress-up affairs.

One day they all gathered
For scones and some tea
Decked out in their dresses
And millinery…
They sipped from their cups
Their bonnets were tied
They told funny stories
And laughed ‘til they cried.

When tea time was ended
They promised anew
To get back together
And have a new brew.

So, they gather again
In this garden of thread
With fancy silk dresses
And bows on their heads.

The girls want to sparkle
More jewels and more *BLING*
Auntie runs to her stash
She has “just the thing”!

So tune in tomorrow
For beads and some glitz
For the Aunt and her nieces
Will have tea at the Ritz!


Debra said...

Wah, wah, you are killing me here! both with the fabulous girls, the prose and the "hair" (very creative, very!) on your tea party girls.

Cathy K said...

Wow, you are a creative goddess! Stitching, poetry, teaparties, vintage millinery, spectacular photos and cute nieces, too!! I enjoy your blog soooo much! Thanks for being such a bright spot!

coral-seas said...

What fun you and the girls had. I enjoy your blog so much. I've tagged you, I hope you don't mind, see this post on my blog.


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