Saturday, June 7, 2008

A cup of tea

I'm heading off to the Textile Museum in Washington D.C. to demonstrate needlework at their annual Celebration of Textiles. I wanted to have something to take with me to stitch and I couldn't wait to get that tea cup onto my block.

I took my pattern and traced it onto a piece of silk. I then backed it with silk organza and sewed both cup and saucer together on my sewing machine, leaving big spaces on the bottom to turn it inside out.

I then took a small piece of the silk and made a bias strip for the handle and tacked it into place.

I added a bit of ribbon trim and now it's all ready to go with me today to the Museum to get it's stitching embellishment. This should tone it down a bit and integrate it with the rest of the block.


Debra said...

Perfect addition!

Sandra said...

What fun to sit and listen and stitch. I agree it is just lovely.

kartika said...

This is fantastic - I want to see more! Kartika

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