Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Crazy Quilt of a Post

A little bit of everything in today's post...

First, a follow-up on my playtime with glitter. Below are my girls all glitzed up and ready for their garden tea party...

Secondly, Carol-Anne of Threads Across the Web has tagged me and wanted to know a little bit more about me. I'm quite flattered and will do my best to answer some of her questions.

Here's what I was doing 10 years ago:

My other job was running a health care system for senior citizens...

Five Things on my To Do List Today: I didn't have one today...

Snacks that I Enjoy:


If I were a billionaire, I would:

Like Elisabeth, I would give most of my money away but I would like to do it very personally just like the King in this book...

And I would love to sew a quilt like this one to commemorate each gift...

And then, I would LOVE to go study embroidery abroad at the following locations:

1-2 years at Lesage in Paris to study Haute Couture embroidery
1 year at the Royal School of Needlework to study goldwork
1 year at Kurenai-Kai in Japan to study silk embroidery
1 year on Madeira Island to study madeira embroidery
1 year in Brussels to study bobbin lace
And the list could go on....Wouldn't it be grand?

Places I've lived:

Baltimore, Maryland USA Most of my life including now.
Charlottesville, Virginia USA where I attended college
Lubbock, Texas USA for three years
Tokyo, Japan for almost three years

Last but not least, here are some pictures from Father's day play with the nieces...


Heather J. said...

What a beautiful family! You are so lucky to have such beautiful nieces. I'd LOVE a few little girls in my extended family.

coral-seas said...

Great answers. Pictures really do paint a thousand words. I've never heard of edamame, they look a little like broad beans, do you eat them raw?

Your nieces are so cute and they look like they are having so much fun. One of them looks quite the actress :)


sandra said...

I love your beautiful ladies at their tea party. It was great to find out more about you, that is a good one to do. Love the photos of your neices they are delightful.

Lil said...

How sweet your pics are! Oh my! I have to admit that your tea party ladies are absolutely stunning. Did you draw the table and whatnot on your patch? Can you share how you did this???? All i can say is WOW!!!

Allison Ann Aller said...

The tea party ladies look perfectly glittered for the occasion!
Loved seeing the pics of such a happy mom with her boychic....esp the one where you are reading to him during potty training!
And your gorgeous nieces...I have 4, and I treasure them. They have all gotten so interesting as young adults...and what a blessing that their adolescence is over. *whew!*

Elisabeth Braun said...

Your quilt is delightful and what lovely family pics.=)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Susan, You did beautiful stitching and ribbon work on your tea ladies. They are truly beautiful. Love seeing your family photos too. Boy would I love to go oversea just to really really learn how to stitch. The Royal School of Needlework would definitely be my first choice. The Australian Inspiration Mag. Issue #58 just out is fantastic. Hugs Judy

Elmsley Rose said...

I love tea for three. A very subtle use of glitter - where it isn't being a child's toy, but a real artistic medium.

And I didn't know you'd lived in Japan for 3 years!!

I found some books with 100 pages of beading patterns from the 19thC in each book (several books worth) for $50 on Ebay yesterday, if you are interested. E-mail for the link if so (tho at that old, surely they must be out of copyright somewhere, huh)

Anonymous said...

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