Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sake Box

This is Phase IX of my Japanese Embroidery titled "Sake Box". I am about 150 hours in and I'm working on super-imposed work -- or stitching on top of stitched surfaces. This piece is quite large; my friend who is almost finished commented that "it never ends"!

This pic shows a close up of technique: apply transfer pattern to tissue paper, laying tissue over foundation and then using a line of held thread to create the outline. I've found that using line of held thread works better than a japanese running stitch...I get a better curve but I believe it's stitcher's preference.

This is the goldwork detail of the cherry blossoms and curlicues. The gold thread is wound on spools called koma and the thread is couched down to the fabric. The tricky parts are corners and spacing. There needs to be enough space in between rows so that when the embroidery is taken off the frame, and the piece relaxes, the goldwork does not "buckle".

This is the five year anniversary for this beautiful orchid which blooms for me every spring!


coral-seas said...

It was a pleasure to see the lovely embroidery your Mum gave you but I so very pleased to see some of your own work again. I can't imagine ever getting to Phase IX. What became of Gracie and Phase VII and VIII. Do you have pics?

Gerry said...

This is so fascinating. I've never seen anything like it before.

It's incredibly beautiful.

Allison Ann Aller said...

I absolutely love your blog heading!!!! It's my favorite I've ever seen....
And the embroidery is just intense. Those Japanese make the rest of us look like pure hacks...such incredible discipline and refined aesthetic evident here. You are part of such an elevated tradition!

Elmsley Rose said...

May I ask what you mean by "held thread" ?
Pattern transfer is a bug bear of mine, and I do Elizabethan work - so lots of curly bits!!

I'm loving looking through your blog, btw. Such beautiful work

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