Sunday, July 23, 2006

Detail Day 32

Here is Detail 32 -- from 100 Details in 100 Days with Sharon Boggon. It's called "alternating barred chain" stitch with cast-on stitch flowers. I enjoyed stitching this treatment very much and enjoy the end product just as well. I didn't need to worry about how this stitch would travel -- it behaves very nicely. I agree with Allison Aller, who is also stitching along with The Details, that this seam treatment is easier than it sounds (or looks).


Allison said...

Yes, Susan, except not all of us get our cast on flowers as nice, even, and pretty as you do!
Looking good!

Debra Spincic said...

I've been looking at tatting sites and it appears that this cast on stitch is basically tatting. I had that feeling when I did the roses but had to find out for sure. It could lead to some interesting ways to make one's own lace.

I will definitely be doing this treatment next week. How many wraps did you put on your needle so it laid flat?

Anonymous said...

How pretty! I love cast-on flowers, but haven't been able to accomplish much in the way of tatting! :-) Maybe some day I will try again.

Lin Moon said...

I was looking at your blog to email you, but couldn't see your email address. I just love your seam treatments! So I've added you as a link on my Purple Fan blog. Happy Stitching!

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