Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ten Painted Toes

And so my blog begins with a self-portrait. I only get a pedicure once a year when we go to Naples, FL to visit my parents. Freshly painted toes make me feel like a whole new person, like I've been reinvented from the bottom up. It never ceases to delight me to get a glimpse of them as I move about my day. Perhaps, if I were to have it done more frequently, I would lose the "surprise" of it all.

More self-portraits to follow. It's my intention to participate in the self-portrait challenge which begins May 1. Theme for May will be "Introduce Yourself".

Today's simple gratitude:
When the weather report calls for Abundant Sunshine!

1 comment:

Lilli said...

Dear Susan! Now I'm up here, from the end to the beginning))) And now I start again and read from the beginning! Your blog is fantastic and gives me a lot of positive energie. Thank you sooo much. Lilli

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