Friday, November 7, 2008

A Little Gem

As I sit down to start embroidering my seam coverings for Audrey's block, I wanted to share this little gem of a book. It is the one I have used the most out of all the books I have on the subject.

Now, if you have Carole Sample's book, the Quilt Savvy book by Joan Waldman or Marsha Michler's book -- all three of them have many more seam treatment variations than this pink little gem.

What makes this book worth it's weight in gold are the four plastic, see-through templates that come with it. Now, I own Carole Sample's templates as well -- but sometimes they are more complicated than I need and there are too many for me.

Here's a pic of all four templates -- I use a mechanical pencil to make my markings and because it's see-through, I can line up on the seam perfectly. It's much quicker and easier to use than tiger tape. I have also used them for spacing on other embroidery projects, not just crazy quilting. The two templates I most frequently use are the 3/16" grid and the feather stitch grid.

This book was copyrighted in 2002 by Jukebox Quilts and is still available to order. It's a little pricey at $24.95. After all, it's only a plastic bound, self-published book. Having said that, it's the first book I go to in my stash, the one that stays in my CQ travel bag and I would be absolutely lost without it. IMHO, it's worth every penny.


  1. I've never checked out Kelly's website although I have been on the Hoffman website plenty. Kelly curates the Hoffman Challenge. I think those templates look great and will be going over there immediately. Out of all the Carole Sample templates I use the small curved and the pointed ones the most. Like you, some of the others seem too confusing & I can't remember what to do when I sit down to stitch (which is at night and I don't want to have to go through a lesson to stitch).

  2. These look really useful! They seem like they could be adapted to curved seams pretty well....

    Susan, some of my recent emails to you have been bouncing back after a couple of days...have you been getting them? Would you mind emailing me and my replying so we could do a test?

  3. I've got the Carole Sample book, but spacing the stitches is always an issue. So I could not resist this one and went to order my copy. Hopefully the post cost to France won't exceed the price of the book ...
    Anyway, thanks for the tip.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I have Carol Sample's book and love it, but I am always looking for easy to use resource books. I've never seen the templates before. Great idea. They would certainly help my late night stitches stay on track.

  5. Eek Susan, sorry to clutter up your comment box again, but I did receive and respond to your email yesterday, but you didn't get it. The only way I can let you know is here!

    We'll figure it out...

  6. These are pretty cool... an excellent way to get even spacing. I've used tiger tape extensively in the past, but while working on the Midsummer CQ I've pretty much stopped using it. These are worth a second look!

  7. Oh I just got this! It's fabulous isn't it? I was skeptical about lining out my seams (I like to be more freestyle) but it works great!

  8. I love book review posts... thanks! I can see using these templates for beading too... Hmmmm...

    Robin A.

  9. I hope they aren't out of stock when I place my order. Thanks for the tip.

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